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Top Ten: Weirdest Movies You Need to See!

What I love about the Horror and cult genre is how vast and ever expanding it is. You can watch new movies your whole life and still have things to discover and enjoy. The whole reason I started this blog was to have a fun time informing people and hopefully turning them on to something that may become a favorite. Because lets face it, we as fans may know a lot about films but their is always something new out there. Which leads me to this months Top Ten.

Top Ten: Weirdest Movies You Need to See!
(When I can i`ll let you know of any releases so you to can seek them out. )

10: Body Melt: Like melting people? Well you`ll dig this bat shit crazy film made brought to you by the good folks in Australia.

Plot: A man crashes his car into a peaceful suburbs, but instead of being just a severely injured guy he melts faster than Frosty in the hot sun. Its learned that this poor fellow was a victim of a terrible drug.

 Has the kind of wild edgy cinema feel that you get watching Frankenhooker,Dead-Alive (Brain-Dead) and Street Trash. Fun, weird and gooey. A must for fans of the truly bizarre.

Currently a nice DVD release from Scorpion. Hopefully a blu will follow.

9: Meet the Feebles: Years before the hit Tony winning play "Avenue Q" featured foul mouthed puppets behaving badly Peter Jackson (yes Lord of the Rings Jackson) did it first.

Plot: The Feebles variety act couldn't be hotter but behind the scenes there is sex,drugs bondage and poop eating (from a fly) A young actor Robert joins the cast soon learns that show biz is not what he thought it would be.

Biting show business satire using puppets makes for a weird and gut busting film. I`ve heard this is Peter Jacksons least favorite film from his early days which is a shame because this is pure genius. A cult classic and your next favorite film.

Currently no in print releases: HOWEVER there is a rumor Jackson is putting out a box set of his older films and hopefully this will be included. I also believe you can still view the whole film on Youtube.

8:Jubilee: Post apocalyptic punk film starring Little Neil (Rocky Horror) and Adam Ant.

Plot: Queen Elizabeth I asks to be shown what England will look like in 400 years. What she sees is a Sex Pistols era England.

Surreal wild and because its on this list WEIRD as hell. Its also a smart send up of the punk scene and disenchanted youth.

Currently a DVD from Criterion Collection however if your patient i`m sure they will re-release it on blu.

7: Mulholland Dr. You had to know David Lynch would show up on this list. Its not secret Sunset Blvd is one of his favorite films and this is his take on it, filtered through his unique vision that is.

Plot: Two young ladies are caught up in a twisted mystery. Surreal, erotic and nasty.

Whats to say about Mullholland Dr, its a brilliant film that only a master Lynch could pull off.The film oozes with sex blood and a creepy elderly couple you soon wont forget. A must to watch late at night alone. I`ve talked to people that refuse to watch this alone and some refuse to re-watch it at all.

Currently a DVD from Universal AND October of this year will see a blu release from Criterion Collection.

6:Mystics in Bali: A flying disembodied head and a lot of cackling is just some of the strange oddities in store for in from this Bollywood epic.

Plot:A young American woman gets more than she bargains for when she searches for the truth behind secret black magic.

What else can you say,Its bad but a lot of fun and it will make you rub your eyes in disbelief. The effects are charmingly primitive and the narrative is strange and surreal. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

Currently a DVD release from Mondo Macabre. No blu release yet.

5: Visitor Q: Think your family is weird? That's nothing compared to the family in Visitor Q.

Plot: A strange reality show follows a dysfunctional family and the chilling events in there everyday life.

Incest, murder and necrophilia are just some of  Takeshi Miike's (Audition,Masters of Horror) brilliant cinematic crazy fest. Unflinching raw and disturbing this film doesn't let up until the final frame. Strong stuff so beware.

4: Nekromantic: Now were getting to the real dirty gritty and plain fucked up. Brought to you by the good people in German comes Nekromantic: The loving dead!

Plot: As you might have guessed this film is about a couple that share a hobby. Collecting coins? No. Knitting? No.. Having sex with dead decomposing bodies- Yes.

Done in documentary style this film separates the boys from the men. Its down right sick and disturbing yet its hard not to look at it. Its a look at too deeply mental people. The final scene will shock even the most jaded of cinema lovers. You`ve been warned.

Currently a Blu release from  Cult Epics as well as the sequel.

3:  The Holy Mountain: Hands down my favorite film-period. Its powerful with images that will be hard to forget. Even the most jaded of film lovers will have dropped jaws at this intense psychedelic hay ride. I`m not going to bore you with the plot because this film really needs to be freshly experienced. Rarely does a film change the way I look at cinema and this one did for me. Also "El Topo" is a must see.

2: Inland Empire: David Lynch's return to films since "Mullholland Dr"  and possibly his most disjointed and brain numbing plot (which is saying alot) Three hours of pure Lynch crazy complete with anthropomorphic rabbits who speak there own langue naturally. This film really separates the hardcore fans from the casual. Plot i`m not going to bother.

Currently No in Print copies, however a region free blu box set has this. Also a Region B blu is out. Rumor has it this will also be seeing a official US blu release from Criterion.

1:Eraserhead David Lynch of course takes the top spot with his cult film that is the stuff of legends.

Nobody does the weird, haunting and just down right disturbing like David Lynch. His films are pure nightmare logic and his cult feature debut showcases his raw talent. I`m not going to bother with the plot because this film works on a whole other level. If you haven't seen this film I demand you to do so at once. How the baby was made is still a closely guarded secret.

Currently a Dvd and a Blu release from Criterion Collection.

Honorable mention: With only ten It was difficult to choose. Here are a list of films that are equally deserving of checking out.

Spider Baby, Taxidermia, Bad Tate,Begotten,Lost Highway,Dust Devil,Naked Lunch, The Naked Kiss.Shock Corridor, Maps to the Stars,Hardware,Thundercrack,Schram

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