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I Spit On Your Grave (2010) Finally a decent remake?

Title: I Spit on your grave


Director: Steven R. Monroe

Warning: This review contains very minor spoilers.

Whats more rarer then a Unicorns or Snookie having any dignity? A remake that is at least passable. Whats ever more rare is a remake that is not only great but better then the original.

Now when this film came out I cringed at the poster, which obviously rips off of the 1970s  version. The poster said to me, this is gonna be a same carbon copy bullshit that mostly all these horror remakes are. But horror freaks I am here to tell you to give this one a chance.

While the original film will always hold a special place in my black heart, its at best a passable horror/exploitation film. Its flawed, yet the remake seems to fill in some plot holes and adds some new twists.

The story line is very similar to the original, yet I was impressed how the director reined in its villains to be realistic.  First off the story itself is timeless and there is something so simple yet deeply rooted that everyone can relate to it on some level. While dealing with redneck characters is so easy for filmmakers to make them way over the top which gets broader line stereotype. Yet SOYG actually handles them with a lot of truth and anyone whose lived in a small town guys actually act like this, minus the vicious rape. Two major changes from the original. The first being an addition to a new sheriff character. I really liked this addition to the story and its always disturbing when a person with power perverts that power for sinister purposes. There is a wonderfully unsettling scene where during the rape the sheriffs daughter calls and you get a glimpse into his home life, which later becomes more prurient to the plot. Clearly his character is the alpha male of the group. The second change is after Jennifer is raped she avoids death by swan diving in the lake, is she dead? Where did she go? The reboot fixes one major problem I had with the original, why would the guys trust Matthew to take care of Jennifer when clearly he is not up to the task. Jennifer is missing but presumed dead, we the audience know better. She cleverly toys with them before she makes her appearance. This serves the story well as it builds suspense among the men who raped her and creates conflict within there group. 

One thing that I always found interesting about the original SOYG is Matthews character and should he have been a victim because of his slow nature and he was pressured into it. This time around Matthew was made even more sympathetic then the 1978 version and you could say that he himself was a victim of rape as well. 

Another addition is one of the rapist video records, with is a commentary on voyeurism and maybe even the horror industry itself as Jennifer makes her own film, without the film, genius. 

Jeff Branson, Daniel Franzese and Rodney Eastman perfectly casted as the villains! 

Besides a well crafted script the actors really pull this film together. Sara Bulter took over the role of Jennifer Hill and has the difficult task to carry the emotional range that the role requires which is does flawlessly. The bad guys in the film local hicks Johnny, Andy, Stanley and Matthew are very acted as well. They dont get to carried away and keep in real. Playing the menacing sheriff is Andrew Howard, his energy and acting style is off the charts, big yet not over the top. Big props go to Chad Lindberg who plays Matthew the autistic young man who tragically gets caught up in this sinister web.

Unlike most remakes clearly the director has a understanding of storytelling in a visual manner. Little creepy touches like the dead bird used which is echoed through out the film. Its a nice metaphor which even more cleverly is the use of real birds for a horrifyingly nasty death scene. This to me shows attention to detail which is sorely missing in many cheap rip offs. 

Gore hounds will not be disappointed BUT don't expect any brutal shit right away. What is brilliant about this film is it builds a layer of tension that is amp`d up until the final reel when Jennifer gets her revenge, which is so sweet. When things get sick they get SICK!! A treat for viewers. The way the die is not without a nice sense of irony. 

Unlike the carbon copy film poster, this film is another but. Nasty yet clever this film should be even a chance, remake yes but its one of those rare times a remake is actually better then the original, rare but it happens. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday the 13th Part IV 5 Reasons why fans should give it another look.

You have the good, you have the bad then you have the ugly and in the world of Jason Voorhees F13 part VII seems to be lumped into one of the less loved of the series. Its a real shame what the MPAA did to this film, butchering mostly all of the gore. Hopefully someday will see a totally uncut version. 

BUT... As I feel that Part 6 is maybe the best in the series, I do feel VII is strong enough to stand its own grounds.

Here are My Five Reasons why this film deserves another look at.

5:  Actual Story:  While us fans love a mindless gore soaked romp, its nice to have a actual story line. You know with characters that have back stories. I think what people bag on this film is the Carrie like plot line but I give them props for trying to do something different.

4:  Jason`s Look: Very seldom do you see Jason not wearing his mask, but towards the ends fans are treated to one nasty rotten Jason. The effects on him are probably some of the best in the series.

3:  Acting: Friday VI has some of the better acting of the series and as mentioned above it helps when you have a decent script to work with. Now I`m not saying that anyone in this deserves the Oscar but I do think its above par.

2: Kane Hodder: This marks Kane Hodders first time to don the iconic hockey mask. Kane would go on to play the character of Jason more then anyone else and this film is what started it all.

1:Death By Sleeping Bag: Maybe one of the best Jason kills, Jason (Kane Hodder) takes his victim and gives him one swift whack to a tree. It was so popular it was repeated in Jason X. This scene was cut and runs much longer, Jason whacks her five times in all.

So Friday the 13th VII may not be the best of the series, it certainly is not the worst and fans should dig in there Friday box sets and dig these one up for some late night viewing!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blu Ray first Look: The Bunny Game

Title: The Bunny Game

Year: 2012

Director: Adam Rehmeir

Readers will recall that I reviewed this film and I was blown away. Since I had already reviewed this film please go back and read it. Needless to say I was impressed with the nasty yet polished film which deeply disturbed me without shedding any blood.

Autonomy Pictures released this film in a nice Blu Ray/DVD combo.

Picture: The image is crisp and clean which showcases the directors sleek visual skills. Bunny Game is a black and white film and is without any grain or distortion..

Sound: The film has a nice metal thrash soundtrack and the sound amps up the music as well as the screams. 
Character dialogue comes in nicely too.

Extras: This film has some nice features. Commentary by director Adam Rehmeier and actress Rodleen Getsic. A very nice making of featurette with interviews with Jeff Renfro Adam Rehmeir and Rodleen Getsic. For critics who may say this is just brutal for brutal sake, they need only check out this featurette to dis spell that, as this is based on a semi true event.  Features are rounded out by the two trailers, one of which drew me to the film in the first place. It seriously just might be the most bad ass trailer in recent years. A bonus DVD of the film is also included for those who haven't upgraded yet. Also a nice touch. 

Overall: Bunny Game is truly a powerful film and A.P put together a nice array of bonus features that gives you a deeper understanding of the film which for me puts it way above any "torture porn" films.

Look for an Easter egg in the bonus feature menu! I wont say where.. Thats for U to find out.

Comes out on July 31 so get ready to play the game!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sick Thoughts: No good features on Blu Ray for horror films...

I dropped "Films in the attic" because I like to think all the movies I review here are for the most part little seen or rarely seen or rarely written about so I wanted to keep things fresh by adding "Sick Thoughts: Think pieces on cult and horror cinema.

My goal is to make this interactive.. SO PLEASE Leave messages! Give me your option too! All I ask is no disrespecting.

Topic: Lack luster Blu Ray features on Horror films.

Its not doubt that DVD`s were a huge leap forward for film fans. The thing that made DVD`s so much fun were the extras. In 2006 HD disc known as Blu Ray came out and knocked HD DVD out of the water. I just a few years ago finally drug myself into the 21 cent. and upgraded. I have to admit I was impressed with the clarity of both audio and picture. Sorely though many company's as with DVD feel the need to give us the same bare bone shit they as DVD`s. Either there no bonus features or the recycle the same stuff from the DVD. Why spend the extra money if your going to carry over the same extras. 

Double Dipping: For you out there who does not know the turn, double dipping means re-buying the same film simply for a bonus feature. I use to be the king of double dipping but got sick of it. So I would hold off buying a DVD or in this case BR to avoid this. I held off buying Beetlejuice for years until the re-release yet to fans dismay no commentaries or interviews just a crappy trailer and a few episodes of the cartoon which sadly did not hold up for me as an adult.  Universal Classic Monster collection is coming up the pike and surprise surprise its the same extras as the DVD`s and even worse yet is unlike the Legacy Collection there is no addition films that were included. That means no unsung gems like Creature Walks Among us or Werewolves of London wont be along for the ride. Bright side is these classic films will be cleaned up and look great, and for the first time ever Creature from the Black Lagoon is presented in 3d as it was intended. 

Missing in Action: Ok I understood that BR is still new and you cant expect everything to just magically appear. But there are some films that leave me wondering what they are waiting for?  Suspria has yet to get a American release as does the films of John Waters. Peter Jackson`s early work like Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles has yet to see the light of day. And Dead Alive while is on BR has no extras what so ever... Maybe a nice uncut version of this is due. 

Friday the 13th 1 and 3 are out but where are the others? They are out on DVD, its odd that only these two titles have made its way on BR. Maybe they are working on a totally awesome SE which restores all the gory scenes. Part seven was butchered by the MPAA it would be nice to see it the way it was intended. One can only hope. 

Hope Around the Corner: There is hope yet, in the form of "Scream Factory" a division of 'Shout Factory" which has some very exciting Blu Ray titles in the works such as Halloween 2 and 3, Terror Train and Funhouse all with no features and new cover art. If thats not enough to get you excited you get a mini poster of the artwork used on the cover with pre order from the website. MGM is re releasing its cult films such as Killer Klowns from outerspace and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. No word yet as to any new extras but I`m guessing they will simply just recycle what was on DVD. Blue Underground seems to have always had its pulse on what die hard fans want.

In closing: Maybe its nit picking but if you have such a great medium as Blu Ray we should try to not be lazy and recycle the same extras. We need more companies like Shout Factory and Blue Underground that understands what the fans want. Bigger labels maybe try to pass off stuff by tacking on Deluxe Edition or Collectors Edition but true fans can see through this bullshit.  Were not buying the same tired stuff your selling.

What do you the readers think? What releases do you most want to see? 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Special Interview!!!!: Howling and Gremlins star Belinda Balaski Could there be a Gremlins 3?

GOREHOUND MIKE EXCLUSIVE  INTERVIEW WITH Howling and Gremlins actress Belinda Balaski 

Battling killer Piranha werewolves and nasty Mrs. Deagle is all in a days work for this award winning actess Belinda Balaski whose been in many of my favorite films and I`m sure if your a horror and cult fan she`d been in many of yours as well...I had the extreme pleasure to chat with this multi talented actress. She has not only a wonderful film resume by has been in some awesome tv shows like A Team, Starsky and Hutch,S.W.A.T and Baywatch to name a few and countless tv specials.  Not only is she a wonderful actress but very down to earth and nice!

Mini Bio: Belinda Balaski has been acting most of her life. She starred in the cult horror film Piranha and such cult favorites as Food of the gods, Gremlins and The Howling.  She has now retired from acting but is still very busy, she owns and operates Belinda Balaski Kids Acting School which is highly regarded. She also attends conventions to meet her fans and sometimes is joined by her wonderful co star Dee Wallace. She will be at Cinema Wasteland in Oct.

GM: You`ve been acting your whole life, correct?

BB: It started when I was five actually I would write these little plays and have all the kids in the nehbiorhood
to be in them and changed the parents to watch them for a nickle, that was the beginning of my career. When I was really little I heard this voice that I thought was God, and basically it said my life would be about communication and that I should be an actress. Whenever a decision came up I just followed that voice.

GM: Was there a single piece of advice that helped you in your career?

BB: Yes from Jim Gavin who was directing me in a play. When I did a play called Picnic with Nick Nolte. At one point in rehearsal he (Jim) walked up on stage and whispered in my ear "You give to much away." I said what do you mean? He said you give so much to the other actors, hold it, keep it for yourself. That was pretty interesting advice because I am a giver and tend to give to the other actors. I learned to empower myself on a stage performance all from that statement and it changed a lot of things for me.

Belinda in "Food of the Gods" 1976

GM: Do you prefer stage work or screen?

BB: I love stage, I was raised in the theater so stage is my first and foremost love. However because the are two different kind of crafts. When you're working stage your trying to reach that back row with not only your emotion but your expressions. When your doing film your trying to get the camera to come to you, so you take the whole performance and turn it inside out or basically turn it outside in so the camera comes into you.  Its such an opposite technic so I had to stop doing theater so in order to hone in on my film acting. At the time I first starting doing television I had won a bunch of awards doing stage. It takes a few months for you to actually see your performances but when I began seeing them I realized I was still doing stage. I knew I had a lot to learn. (laughs) I had to pull my performances in.

Belinda with Lynda Carter from "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw"  1976

GM: How did you meet director Joe Dante?

BB: I was doing "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" for Mark Lester and Tina Hersh was editing it. Roger Corman gave her permission to use his editing bay, so she was using one of the editing bay and Joe Dante was there editing his first film "Hollywood Blv." So they had become friends from being there. They began helping each other cut and watching each others edits so that's how it met me. Then when I went on to do "Cannonball" with a friend of his Paul Bartel and Joe was in "Cannonball 2" as an actor.

About Piranha (1978)

Susie Arnold who was casting (daughter of Jack Arnold) and I had done "Black Eye" with Jack Arnold and had met her (Susie) back then. Susie had called me in on this because Joe had requested me and they knew me from two different things. So when I went on the Piranha interview Joe said I actually worked with you. I was so shocked, I was like oh my god who is this, then i realized he was the mechanic from "Cannonball" He was actually a wonderful actor.

GM: Whats the mood like on a typical Joe Dante set?

BB:  A lot of fun! Its so much fun because Joe is always open to your creative ideas so when you arrive on set with nine thousand thoughts hes really open to them. I`ve been actually able to write scenes in movies, add scenes ad-lib. For example in "Amazon woman from the moon" the whole beginning in the foyer of the church Rob Picardo and I, we were waiting for them to set up the camera in the other room and we were sitting there improving and having fun and Joe watched by and we said, Hey Joe check this out. We did the improve for him and he Oh my god bring the cameras out here and we shot the whole foyer scene. The scene with Paul Bartell and I in Piranha. Paul and I had just did Cannonball! and we kept saying to Joe that Paul and I dont have a scene together and finally after bugging him for two or three days he said go ahead and write one, which ended up bring the moon light scene which I think is the best scene in the movie.

GM: Do you have a favorite Joe Dante film you`ve been in?

BB: I love "The Howling" of course, its certainly a classic, but I loved "Amazon women on the moon" and as much as I loved the other movies I love AWOM. Rarely do I get to do comedy, it was great fun.

GM:  Any memorable stories from "The Howling"

BB: So many (laugh) One is, the werewolf was not finished, every scene in with the werewolf is in that's shot where were looking at the werewolf, there was no werewolf. Myself Chris non of us know what he looked like or how big it was or what it could or anything. If you watch that office scene with me and the werewolf, he catches me out at filing cabinet and he knocks the files out of my hands if you watch that scene in slow motion you`ll realize that every shot i`with me I`m by myself  is shot three months prior to any shot with me and the werewolf in it. You can see that by the length of my hair, which had grown three inches in the three months that we had rapped the movie and Rob had finished the werewolf we all can back and did our two shots. Its so well done, you cant notice it unless you watch it in slow motion.

GM: Did you know Dee Wallace before Howling?

BB: No I met her on Howling, but of course I did Broadway a fews years later she we`ve known each other for quiet awhile now.

GM: You still keep in touch with her?

BB: Yes all the time at conventions.

GM: You`re in the cult classic film Gremlins, what was your overall experiences shooting it.

BB: Gremlins was so much fun! The thing about Gremlins is before I was suppose to shot I remember I was sitting in my house in Manhattan Beach waiting for the messenger service to bring me the script. It finally got to be at eight o clock at night, I remember calling Joe and I said Joe I haven't gotten my script yet. He said are you kidding I haven gotten mine either.(laughs) They had already been shooting for about a month. I said what you are you talking about, he said why just relax will improve something. I said WHAT!? (laughs) I dont even know a Gremlin is and Joe said neither do I. That night I ended up writing forty scenes and I brought a wad of papers to Joe the next morning. I said what can I say I panicked. can you use these? He read bunches and said I like the first one bring it to Polly Holiday and let her ad lib her lines. She came up with that line "Now you know what to ask Santa for Christmas"

GM:  What was Polly like to work with?

BB: It was like being chosen to work with Carol Barrnet. To me Polly Hollywood was way up there. It was fine until I knew I had to improve with her. I mean that's like improving with Carol Barrnet. These peoples are geniuses at that. I really got nervous that's why I wrote all those scenes out and of course they go to her dressing room and I improve my lines and she bam right at me with her lines and I said wow I`m glad I wrote all these out. At least I had my character formed by then. 

GM: Ever see her after the shoot?

BB: No, just that day.

GM: Was Stephen Spielberg on the set any? 

BB: No but I met him at the rap party, way after the fact.

GM: Do you know if there will be a Gremlins 3? 

BB: A lot of talk a lot of talk. No action.

GM: Would you reprise your role in it?

BB: If Joe Dante directed it. Or Rob Zombie (laughs) No serious I would if Joe was making it.

GM: Finally do you have any advice for young actors or actress`s?

BB: Hold onto your heart (chuckles) hold onto your heart or you`ll lose it. You have to be really strong and do your homework and be well prepared for all the slamming doors and revolving doors and junk you have to put up with in order to do what it is you love.

BIG THANK YOU Goes out to Belinda for taking time to do this interview!!

all interviews are solely to be used on this blog and should not be used in any website,magazine blog etc. Copywrite 2012 Gorehound Mike all rights reserved.

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Die Mommie Die: Drugs Glamour and Camp

Title: Die Mommie Die


Director: Mark Rucker 

Now I know this isn't a typical film I review, but its "Weird" cinema which means cult films fits in with that. Die Mommie Die does have murder afoot and is a hell of a lot of fun. I feel like my readers would dig this weird and wild film that is not only cleverly written but fall on the floor funny. Originally a stage play in 1997 also written by and staring Charles Busch. 

So I`m going to get right to the point. If you`ve never seen a Joan Crawford film or any melodramas of the 1940s - early 60`s you might not get many of the jokes. The whole film is a obvious send up of films like Mommie Dearest and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Busch really nails down the over the top feel and dialogue with enough camp to make John Waters blush.

In less capable hands this film could have been just a one note joke- two important things that really pulls this movie together. One is a well written script which is not only true to the films that inspired it but has a cast of characters that are odd and entertaining. Many twists and turns abound, and will keep you guessing to the surprise ending, you wont see it coming. 

The second thing that makes this work so well is a screamingly funny performance by Charles Busch.  Not only can he deliver his lines pitch perfect with tongue firmly pressed to cheek but proves that he can do physical comedy as well. The jokes are raunchy and way over the line of good taste which is just how I like it. 

The rest of the cast is full of notable character actors. Former heart throb Jason Preistley  
proves he`s still got it as switch hitter Tony Parker. Preistly embodies the macho male from a 1950s like Cary Grant and knocks it out of the park.  Jason and Charles have a great on screen chemistry. 

Screen icons Philip Baker Hall and Frances Conroy are wonderful and add a touch of class and polish to this production. Not to be out done the children are played by Stark Sands and American Pie star Natasha Lyonne. Everyone in D.M.D is at the top of their game and does a excellent job of engaging the audience. 

Wonderful cast Natasha Lyonne Stark Sands and Jason Preistly

This film is obviously aimed towards the gay culture but has enough humor and plot that its fun for everyone. I like to think my readers are not narrow minded, but sadly if you are you might not like the slight gay sub plot in the film. I assure you its not tasteful at all which is just fine with me! Classic film fans will find a lot to love with this fabulously over the top and wildly funny film that will leave you with a big smile on your face and a stag in your shoes... This film is no drag!

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Burnt Offerings: Some Houses are born BAD!

Title Burnt Offerings

Year 1976

Director: Dan Curtis

Dan Curtis the genius behind Dark Shadows and Trilogy of Terror brought us this haunted house film but is it ghosts haunting the family?

Burnt Offerings is a haunted house film with a twist. It has more in common with The Shining then The Others. Interesting to note that the film version of the Shining came out 4 years later. The story is very simple, a family rents a summer home from a strange brother and sister and for a great deal. Yes there is a catch. They must make sure the owners elderly mother is looked after.  The family settles in and seems to enjoy there beautiful summer home. That is until they are plagued with strange happenings. And nobody ever sees the old lady living in the house. I wont spoil anything but there are several twists and turns abound. The plot is paper thin yet Curtis delivers a nice roller coaster thrill ride of horror and mystery that builds and builds until a shocking ending that you wont soon forget.

Visually the film is interesting, its filmed in a soft focus which adds a very eerie almost dream like atmosphere.  Dan Curtis adds his Dark Shadow touch to Burnt Offerings with how he films the dreadfully sinister mansion.The film starts out slow but once it gets going there is much fright to behold.

There is a very well done shocking scene in which the house actually comes alive. The overall effect is not corny but very effective. 

What can I say the cast is amazing! Karen Black, Oliver Reed Bettie Davis Eileen Heckart and Burgess Meredith I mean that is as all star as you can get. First off I love Oliver Reed, hes so awesome I could watch him read the phone book. As always Reed gives his all no matter how far fetched the plot may get. I cant figure out if Karen Black in his is hot, or not. In any case she does a odd yet consistent job as Reed`s wife. Her and Reed have a strange chemistry together which kind of heightens the weirdness. You can tell this is a relationship that has been strained for awhile. They have a great sex scene between them that I just bizarre. Screen icon Bettie Davis also graces this weird little film. Even though she is clearly seen better days she still turns out a solid performance as the aunt and its kind of hard to watch her characters descent.  The whole cast is brillant. 

The film is not without its flaws, It clock in at almost two hours some of which could have been trimmed.Also this film hasnt aged well.I have heard some jaded "film buffs" say this a campy melrodramtic horror movie but I couldnt disagree with them more. Curtis brings his old dark house charms with great eerrie backdrops then add some of the greatest character actors all under one evil roof and you have a sorely underrated gem. So I couldnt think of a better way to spend youre summer then with this strange film. 

Film Triva: Die hard Phantsam fans might recognize the house from B.O was later used as the funeral home.

Streaming on Netflicks for those who have it

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Peeping Tom: The British Psycho

Title: Peeping Tom

Year: 1960

Director: Michael Powell

In 1960 Alfred Hitchcock brought terror into every shower in America and with a single scream and cued violins. It was of course Psycho. That same year another film was made across the pond that would rival Hitchcock in style and fright. Peeping Tom was released to a shocked audience and caught a fire storm of controversies, so much so that Michael Powell film career would never recover. Sadly though this film seems to get forgotten about. Its only in the last few decades that this brilliant film is finally being recognized as the masterpiece. 

Tortured Mark with his camera. 

Peeping Tom is just a down right dirty sleazy and disturbing film. I believe its lasted so long because It taps into a very human urge to want to see things that are maybe forbidden or taboo. This is more true in the age of internet quick fix voyeuristic thrill that is just a click away.

You could see Peeping Tom as the British brother to Psycho and cant help compare the two. But Peeping Tom is more daring with exploring taboo subjects such as sexuality, voyeurism and prostitution. It also is more graphic. Right out the gate Powell wastes no time in giving us a point of view shot of a lady of the evening meeting a very nasty end. Like Psycho you are left to imagine the horror which makes it all the more unpleasant. Another way this film is sets itself apart from is for a split second you can see a woman's bare breasts  It doesn't seem shocking but this was 1960 Britain, this was very cutting edge. While Psycho is a masterpiece in its own right, P.T just deals more deeply rooted psychosis. I`d even be so bold to say that P.T is a all around better film. 

Much like Hitchcock Powell injects dark humor which also out does Psycho. No spoils but their is a wonderfully bleakly funny scene in which a body is discovered. Dry Brit wit abound.

The cast is great. Genre fans will right away recognize Anna Massey. She is most know for starring in Hitchcocks Frenzy and Vault of Horror. She as always is wonderful and plays off of Mark brilliantly. German actor Karlheinz Bohm brought life to the complex title character of Mark Lewis. Karlheinz makes him both terrifying and sympathetic. Wisely he is built up to be a tragic abused victim rather then a snarling beast. By the end of the film you begin to really feel bad for him.  There are also some great cameos such as Miles Malleson who gives a funny performance at the start of the film. Miles also worked with Hitchcock in Stage Fright and was a star in his own right. Also not only does Michael Powell make a cameo as Marks father but Powells son plays young Mark and in a morbid scene young Mark is filmed paying his respects to his dead mother. In real life it was Powells wife. So you have the whole family basically playing themselves in a macabre way. It would be remiss not to mention Maxine Audley who plays Mrs Stephens does such a wonderful job as the blind mother. She may not be a huge character, she does make a major impact and has some critical scenes with actor Karlheinz. One of those perfectly casted films. As the Brits would say there are spot on.

There are some truly inspired visuals. For example a major theme is voyeurism so its very fitting that the film opens a P.O.V shot when Mark kills the hooker. You can also notice the symbolic use of the color red. Also slick subliminal images like a skull of victim can be seen to the keen viewer. Marks weapon can also be seen as a phallus symbol. Marks world is all visual and its very interesting that the blind mother would be the only person to "see" Mark for what he really is. There is a wonderful scene between him and the mother, in which you could say stumbles on his real nature. The tension that is created in this scene is deliciously palpable, its creepy yet darkly funny. Having a blind character that is all knowing is nothing new, in fact it goes all the way back to accident Greece.

See the skull?

There is so much more I could write about this film but there are many essays already written about this film which dissects every frame.But this is Gorehound Mike and I give you the shorter version.

If your looking for a slash fest via Friday the 13th part 20 then Peeping Tom is probably not for you. Its much more of a dark character study then body count. I urge readers who have not seen it to give it a chance because it really is a dangerous film and way ahead of its time. Hitchcock might have left Tom in the shadows Its much more bleak, tense study of a disturbed man torn between two worlds, one fantasy and one reality. In the end only one will wins.    Lights Camera SCREAM!