Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blu Ray first Look: The Bunny Game

Title: The Bunny Game

Year: 2012

Director: Adam Rehmeir

Readers will recall that I reviewed this film and I was blown away. Since I had already reviewed this film please go back and read it. Needless to say I was impressed with the nasty yet polished film which deeply disturbed me without shedding any blood.

Autonomy Pictures released this film in a nice Blu Ray/DVD combo.

Picture: The image is crisp and clean which showcases the directors sleek visual skills. Bunny Game is a black and white film and is without any grain or distortion..

Sound: The film has a nice metal thrash soundtrack and the sound amps up the music as well as the screams. 
Character dialogue comes in nicely too.

Extras: This film has some nice features. Commentary by director Adam Rehmeier and actress Rodleen Getsic. A very nice making of featurette with interviews with Jeff Renfro Adam Rehmeir and Rodleen Getsic. For critics who may say this is just brutal for brutal sake, they need only check out this featurette to dis spell that, as this is based on a semi true event.  Features are rounded out by the two trailers, one of which drew me to the film in the first place. It seriously just might be the most bad ass trailer in recent years. A bonus DVD of the film is also included for those who haven't upgraded yet. Also a nice touch. 

Overall: Bunny Game is truly a powerful film and A.P put together a nice array of bonus features that gives you a deeper understanding of the film which for me puts it way above any "torture porn" films.

Look for an Easter egg in the bonus feature menu! I wont say where.. Thats for U to find out.

Comes out on July 31 so get ready to play the game!


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