Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movies in need of Blu Ray`s

Theres no doubt that theres been major leaps in the way we view films. From beta to vhs to dvd and now blu ray. Heres a list of the films in most need of the upgrade.

John Waters collection- The back catalog of John Waters is MIA and us Waters fans are waiting for these disc`s. According to John himself, this early short films will never be released due to music copyright issues but still a nice box set with some new features maybe a documentary would really be nice for the fans of the filth king!

Fade to black- Recently wrote about this film, little seen but awesome. I`m not willing to pay the 50+ bucks for the OOP Anchor bay DVD...

Suspiria- Its hard to believe this masterpiece of horror cinema is not on blu ray. Now it is out in the UK. But has yet to dance its way to the US. I`m sure it will be amazing looking, as the visuals and audio are such a driving force behind this films success.

Phenomena- Not as popular as Suspria this Argento film still is a fav. of mine and would look stunning in HD.

Bad Taste- Peter Jackson's low budget splatter fest had a very limited DVD run and has not landed on Blu Ray. Whats the deal?  And also would it kill you to give Meet the Feebles a decent Special Edition.... Maybe with the release of The Hobbit Peter Jackon will give us some souped up versions of his films. Until then what the skies and remember the signal -The Bastards Have Landed!

Dust Devil- This film has had more versions then Brazil but while we have a nice DVD with multi-versions to choose from and a nice transfer, its still missing a nice Hi Def edition..

                             Coming Soon: Basket Case Retrospective!! Exculsive Interviews!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion

Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion

Women in prison week continues with this super groovy film from the land of the rising sun Japan. Our heroine Niami Matsushima is set up by her police detective lover , but to top it all off she is brutally raped by drug dealers that are on the cops take. Feeling scorned she savagely attacks her now ex-boyfriend with a knife on the steps of the Police Headquarters and did i mention all while totally naked! She is thrown in jail and must survive a slew of cruel wardens and nasty inmates all while still under the thumb of her ex lover who still has plans for her. While I did enjoy the last film Bare Behind Bars, this is much much better.  The story line is allot more polished and well crafted, and the main character will really have you rooting for her. It`s no surprise that some of Kill Bill was borrowed from FP.

Niami is such a cool heroine and she just kicks so much ass and we as an audience really wants to see her succeed in her quest for revenge. Shes not your typical victim, shes a strong female role model which was almost unheard of at the time. Move over Pam Grier, there's another bad-ass momma in town.  The visuals the director provides makes this leaps and bounds better then most in this sub genre, every shot has some thought behind it. It`s also a very interesting choice to use hand held cameras at times, and the use of a theater like staging during the flashback sequence. His use of color and weird experimental camera use makes it like an LSD trip. The overall feel is like watching a outrageous live action comic book.
 Like any good WIP movie there is nudity aplenty and this is no exception. While not being nearly as graphic as the previous film (Bare Behind Bars) it does have its moments,which brings me to the gore. There are some very cool graphic kill scenes and one eye trauma scene that would make Lucio Fulci proud. The FX are well done and don`t look nearly as cheesy as some films of this time period. While this is a well thought out stylish movie not to fear its also a very filthy scummy movie like all good women in prison movies should be. Its not hard to see how this film was so popular it spawned sequels and remakes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Women in Prison Week: Bare Behind Bars

Bare Behind Bares.

Oh women in prison films, if you have`nt seen one your truly missing out on the sweet fruit of the cult cinema tree. This week will be looking at WIP films from around the world.

Prison is a horrible place but it seems that if your in Brazil its a thousand times worse, and if your in a female prisoner your really screwed literally that is. The plot which is paper thin, a evil warden runs a women`s prison in Brazil which is over flowing with hot unbridled lust and sadism. A small band of women plot to escape. This film is more funny then anything, I`m not actually sure if this is meant to be serious or not. This would be great to watch with some beers and your buddies, its just so bad its good. Pure guilty pleasure. Barbra the insane blonde nurse really stands out as a great character. Her odd ball antics sets this apart from the other titles in the sub genre. She really steals the movie and has some of the best moments. I never thought someone could eat a water mellow in such an erotic way and introduced me to the concept of a pineapple dildo, you heard me right folks, a dildo made from a pineapple, wow let that sink in.

     There is plenty of lovely lady flesh on display behind these prison walls, but what would you expect from a title that has Bare in it?  Literally ever scene is teeming with naked women showering or having sex with the wardens. The sex is turned up to eleven as it switches to hardcore porn, with scenes that would even make the legendary Russ Meyers blush. Violent beatings, and torture are afoot and as one character even comments the head warden gets her kicks from inflicting pain on the inmates.The conclusion isn't very strong, yet it does feature a very disturbing home invasion that ends very nasty.  Your likely not to forget it.
Trashy, violent funny and borderline pornography what more could one ask in a film? Totally worth checking out. If I`m lying you can lock me up and throw away the keys.... Just please no cavity searches.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Top 5 Films You Haven't Seen...But need too!!

The great thing about horror sci fi and cult films is there's a huge vast array of films to discover, and no matter how many films you`ve seen there's always lots more to discover right around the scary bend. Here are some films that are rarely written about or seen. Hopeful I can turn someone on to there next favorite movie, which is why I enjoy writing blogs and articles in the first place.

5- Brain Damage- From Frank Henenlotter the warped mind that brought us such titles as Frankenhooker and Basket Case. This is a truly demented funny and enjoyable flick. It needs to be more widely seen, cause while it may not be Franks best film, it certainly ranks up there.

4- Pin- Dummies its horror film 101 that there creepy as hell. But there's a nice twist in this tale of a boy and Pin a plastic medical dummy. Great acting and moody set pieces and a hell of a cool ending makes this a must see. Its not hard to find as its on DVD but alas no blu ray. But just wait because there's a planned remake which im sure there will be a re release when it comes out.

3- Fade to Black- I feel its safe to assume that most of you out there a huge film buffs. This is such a treat for all us nerdy (yes im a film nerd and proud of it) film lovers. The plot is simple, a young film lover slowly loses grip on reality and descends into madness and starts killing people that bully him, only he`s dressed as film characters. This is but no means a masterpiece of horror cinema it is however a fun guilty pleasure for rabid film fans. The DVD has been LONG out of print and its worth waiting for the blu ray.

2- Duel- Long before Stephen gave us Indiana Jones or the sickeningly sweet E.T  he made Duel! A simple but bad ass film that proved that back in the day Spielberg could take so little and deliver a punch to the audience. Plot goes like this man cuts off truck, truck driver is not happy-a deadly cat and mouse road game ensues. Sounds dull? Well its anything but. Due to the success of Duel, studios gambled on Stephen for a shark movie, and we all know how that worked out! Not hard to find, DVD might set you back 10 bucks but well worth it. Don`t believe there's a blu ray edition out yet.

1- Bird with the Crystal Plumage- Dario Argento to horror fans hes the first name in Italian horror and the father of the modern gallio. BCP is Darios debut and wow right out of the gate he pulls no punches to give the audience a tense, tight well plotted and gruesome film that will stay with you for awhile. A young writer goes to Italy to inspire him to write but gets allot more then he bargains for when he witnesses a female nearly murdered. Thus begins a who dunno-it that will keep you guessing til the last frames. While I think his best work was to come, for his first time out he really showed us that with a small budget he could give us a great thrill ride which keeps you on your seat. This might not be a film for everyone, but if you like a good mystery thriller then this birds the word!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Greatest Horror/Cult Film Titles

As the immortal Bard once said, Whats in a name? In the biz a catchy title can make or break a film.

Here are the top Ten Greatest film Titles.
Even if the films not great it can have a killer title.

10- A Virgin Among the Living Dead
8-I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
7- Jason Goes to Hell
6- The Wicker Man
5- Beyond the Door
4 Suspria
3 Attack of the Kiler Tomatoes
2 Night of the Living Dead
1 Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Agree disagree please comment, I may or may not care!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Evil Dead Japan style: Entrails of a Virgin
Date: 1986

Warning: Some graphic content.

Japan, the country that has a rich and diverse culture that dates back centuries. Having said that, they have a equally diverse culture of the weird and wild, hardcore anime porn and school girls need I say more?  So with such a um.. interesting underground culture its not hard to assume there cinema would be any different. Such is the case with Entrails of a Virgin. A group of models and there sleazy photographers and boss`s go to a isolated cabin. But there boss and his lackey photographers have very little camping in mind, rather banging there pretty (somewhat) models. It sort of has that Evil Dead vibe only done in the Japan mode. This has to be some of the most unsexy sex scenes as these young models are pretty much raped by these scummy men. I don't like to give away allot of a movie but this is one you have to see to believe. Its a perfect movie to watch with you friends in disbelief, its so nasty, bad and wrong yet so absurd and over the top its funny. Gore like the nudity is ampule. I`ve never actually seen a woman giving a demon head while fingering herself with a severed arm.  Is it a good movie, not even close.  but if your looking for a cheesy, gory sex filled romp that only the land of rising sun could bring then look no more. Sam your movie may have been alot better this film truly is more twisted and gory and in the end itself what its really all about. "the more you know"

Gore score: 6/10
Nudity 8/10
Overall: 6/10