Thursday, March 22, 2012


Evil Dead Japan style: Entrails of a Virgin
Date: 1986

Warning: Some graphic content.

Japan, the country that has a rich and diverse culture that dates back centuries. Having said that, they have a equally diverse culture of the weird and wild, hardcore anime porn and school girls need I say more?  So with such a um.. interesting underground culture its not hard to assume there cinema would be any different. Such is the case with Entrails of a Virgin. A group of models and there sleazy photographers and boss`s go to a isolated cabin. But there boss and his lackey photographers have very little camping in mind, rather banging there pretty (somewhat) models. It sort of has that Evil Dead vibe only done in the Japan mode. This has to be some of the most unsexy sex scenes as these young models are pretty much raped by these scummy men. I don't like to give away allot of a movie but this is one you have to see to believe. Its a perfect movie to watch with you friends in disbelief, its so nasty, bad and wrong yet so absurd and over the top its funny. Gore like the nudity is ampule. I`ve never actually seen a woman giving a demon head while fingering herself with a severed arm.  Is it a good movie, not even close.  but if your looking for a cheesy, gory sex filled romp that only the land of rising sun could bring then look no more. Sam your movie may have been alot better this film truly is more twisted and gory and in the end itself what its really all about. "the more you know"

Gore score: 6/10
Nudity 8/10
Overall: 6/10

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