Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Women in Prison Week: Bare Behind Bars

Bare Behind Bares.

Oh women in prison films, if you have`nt seen one your truly missing out on the sweet fruit of the cult cinema tree. This week will be looking at WIP films from around the world.

Prison is a horrible place but it seems that if your in Brazil its a thousand times worse, and if your in a female prisoner your really screwed literally that is. The plot which is paper thin, a evil warden runs a women`s prison in Brazil which is over flowing with hot unbridled lust and sadism. A small band of women plot to escape. This film is more funny then anything, I`m not actually sure if this is meant to be serious or not. This would be great to watch with some beers and your buddies, its just so bad its good. Pure guilty pleasure. Barbra the insane blonde nurse really stands out as a great character. Her odd ball antics sets this apart from the other titles in the sub genre. She really steals the movie and has some of the best moments. I never thought someone could eat a water mellow in such an erotic way and introduced me to the concept of a pineapple dildo, you heard me right folks, a dildo made from a pineapple, wow let that sink in.

     There is plenty of lovely lady flesh on display behind these prison walls, but what would you expect from a title that has Bare in it?  Literally ever scene is teeming with naked women showering or having sex with the wardens. The sex is turned up to eleven as it switches to hardcore porn, with scenes that would even make the legendary Russ Meyers blush. Violent beatings, and torture are afoot and as one character even comments the head warden gets her kicks from inflicting pain on the inmates.The conclusion isn't very strong, yet it does feature a very disturbing home invasion that ends very nasty.  Your likely not to forget it.
Trashy, violent funny and borderline pornography what more could one ask in a film? Totally worth checking out. If I`m lying you can lock me up and throw away the keys.... Just please no cavity searches.

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