Monday, June 8, 2015

Piece of my Mind: Where are the legends at?

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Topic: Where are the legends at? aka Directors Shelf Life?

My good friend and fellow blog staff William and I often talk movies (no surprise) and the subject came up about film makers we love and how the out put of there work has taken a huge nose dive in recent years. We talked about when Craven,Romeo and Argento etc made a film we knew we were in for something scary and all together different. Lately though it seems like the out put is less scare and more crap.

Argento is the perfect example. Right out of the gate with his first film "Bird with the Crystal Plumage" it was clear that this man had a unique style and showmanship that would later become his trademark. Films like Deep Red, Suspria just to name a few all master pieces in horror cinema ensuring a last legacy. Yet it seems lately hes doing everything he can to destroy that legacy. Its debatable where the decline started, for me his last truly great film was "Opera"  (sans the shitty last 3mins) With bombs like "Do you like Hitchcock" and the worst offender the infamously bad "Dracula 3D" (yes the one with a huge badly done CGI Praying Mantis.) not to mention the fact that he directed a rape scene involving his own daughter, it leaves fans wondering how someone who was such a horror force in the 70s and 80s could now be making such bad films today.

On the flip side of this we have George A Romero  I dont need to remind readers of his stellar films."Night of the Living Dead" 1968 not only introduced the post modern zombie but was a milestone in modern horror films in general. Now Romero gets my respect because he seemed to only do horror films that he feels strongly about. The man has only 20 credits and i`d rather see that versus someone who cranks out hundreds for Full Moon. Sure his last string of films have not been any where close to his glory days (though I really enjoyed Land of the Dead) but hes doing other things like writing and producing. Still its sad to think we may never have another truly amazing George A.Romero film. Maybe he is bowing out not wanting to totally destroy his reputation.

So my question is this. Why do these great film makers end up doing material that is so beneath them? Its not that the scripts aren't there. In fact Dario s episode of Masters of Horrors for both seasons were amazing. Maybe its age. Lets face it maybe its a younger persons game? Is it better to bow out like Romero and Carpentar rather than make sub standard product?

Please Note: To hardcore fans that feel like i`m slamming these directors, i`m not. In fact I love them. Its the films they made that got me into this genre and for that I will always hold them in the highest esteem. I complain because i`m frustrated like so many fans that feel they could be doing so much better. I'm not saying they should retire as directors, but maybe take a fresh look at what made them such titans, get writers with new ideas and good ones.

I want to feel the kind of excitement for a Wes Craven movie like I use to. Not disappointment like "Cursed"

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