Friday, June 12, 2015

Betsy Palmer: An Actress Remembered. Part 1

The horror film world was shocked to hear that actress and icon Betsy Palmer passed away at age 88.
Fans will no doubt remember her as Mrs.Voorhees the mother of cinema serial killer Jason. When I met her the first time I was blown away by how nice and personable she was. She treated fans not as machines giving her cash for her autograph but like a friend, trust me that's a rare thing at a convention these days. I met her one other time, still the same warm gentle person. You could tell she was enjoying herself and she loved talking about her role as the Mother of the most famous film psycho of all time. I like so many fans were heart broken to hear the news. As a tribute to Ms.Palmer a few of her co-stars  and co-workers have donated their time to share some memories as well as fans that met her.

Part 1: Co-workers (co-stars, directors etc)

Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th 1980)

"Betsy Palmer made everyone around her feel special. No one could work a crowd like her, I have seen her make people laugh until they literally fell out of their seats. When she knew I was going to perform onstage she would always say "Knock 'em Dead, Ari, and Leave 'em Writhing in the Aisles!" and she meant every word of it. I love her madly forever..." - ARI LEHMAN

Shane Marr Directed Betsy in his film Bell Witch: The Movie

"I really enjoyed getting to know Betsy. One thing I admired about her was that wherever we were - from Los Angeles to New York to Tennessee - she took the time to stop and talk to her fans, answer their questions and tell them her stories. That was really what inspired me to develop the interview with her - "Betsy Palmer: Life in Her Own Words." I thought that would be a way for those who didn't have the opportunity to meet her to get to know her better. One time I asked her if she ever got tired of telling her stories and she told me, "Absolutely not." She genuinely loved people and appreciated her fans. She was a wonderful lady and will be greatly missed.

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