Friday, June 5, 2015

Blood Splatted Blu: Dont Go in the Woods

Title: Dont Go in the Woods
Director:James Bryan
Company: Vinegar Syndrome
Written by: Joe Mazzella

Well the fine folks at Vinegar  Syndrome have done it again with the new bluray release of the cult horror classic Don't Go In The Woods ...Alone ! The 1981 film directed by the master James Bryan ( The Executioner Pt 2) is a tremendous cult classic dealing with a deeply disturbed maniac carving up all that enter his woods. 

Plot: A group of people and their  guide begin there camping trip there unaware of the bloody massacre that's taking place . When they start getting picked off one by bloody one things get even more interesting in this non stop gore-a-thon . They try to avoid the maniac at all costs and escape his clutches time after time. Two make it back (Jack McClelland and Mary Gail Artz) to town trying to warn the sheriff (Ken Carter) and Dr Maggie (Laura Trefty) but meet up with town politics as the are slow to investigate.  They believe there friends still could be alive and they head back to the woods to confront the truth. Some of the killings are still quite graphic and some are humorously done especially the killing of a newlywed couple celebrating there nuptials in the woods . The ILL fated  Dick (Frank Millen who appears in most of James Bryan films even working behind the camera) and his bride get cut and dispatched in truly memorable fashion as does most of the cast , that is made up of most of the crew. The Killer( Singer Tom Drury)   is truly a cold hearted bizarre looking man whose blood thirst is never satisfied. This film has a very high  body count ,some strange and many poor performances but its campy style and fast pace keep it rolling along and all this under 90 minutes . 

Picture: Released on DVD by code red a few years ago in a full screen version that was passable it included good special features and an introduction by the director. Now Vinegar has a gorgeous Widescreen  Version available here with stunning bright colors and all the night scenes are now viewable with awesome sound and a virtually scratch less print.  This is the best the film has ever looked and it definitely won't get any better than this . 

Special Features: There is numerous special features some old from the code red Dvd including a cast and crew featurette than features many behind the scenes stories and a where are they now segment of who is doing what these days. The Autograph signing party Featurette is a must to watch as well and we have. 3 commentaries with the director and Mary Gail Arts ( Ingrid) and Frank Miller.   All in all if your a super fan of this cult classic like me this is the definitive version to own . It is a great tribute to the film as the quality and content in this bluray are hands down totally excellent , I highly recommend you buy this now before they all disappear.   Enjoy!!!

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