Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blood Splattered Blu: Scarecrows

Title: Scarecrows
Director:William Wesley
Company: Scream Factory (Shout factory)
Written by: Mike "Gorehound"  Vaughn

The "killer scarecrows" horror sub genre is like a craigslist hook up. Most are awful but once and awhile you get something amazing. 1988's "Scarecrows" is a brilliant in the way it defies the slasher genre and blends action and black comedy. It also was the start of brilliant careers for the special effects artist Norman Cabera (whom went on to work on countless films with Rick Baker) and D.P Peter Deming (Cabin in the Woods,Oz the great and Powerful etc)The film makers were wise to play things dead serious and unlike other scarecrow movies doesn't go camp. Scream Factory has been doing an amazing job at pleasing fans with bringing OOP DVD's back from the dead and making them look better than ever in HD. But is this Scarecrow have heart?

Plot: A band of ex military criminals think they pulled off the perfect job, scoring a multi million dollar pay day hijacking a plane to Mexico. However a team member decides he doesn't want to split the money and para shoots out of the plane, loot in hand. They land in a deserted area with you guessed it a corn field. Now they are being "stalked" by something unseen and unfeeling.

Picture: The picture isn't perfect but it is certainly better than the previous OOP MGM dvd.  Due to the films being filmed mostly at night there are a few grain issues but overall its well done and helps keep this film from feeling dated. I doubt that you will find a better print anywhere else.

Sound: Audio has both a 2.0 and a new 5.1 mix. The new mix is great and makes use of the wonderful score by Terry Plumeri.

Special Features: Fans have come to expect a level of great features from SF and fear not, it "stalks" up to the rest. The big new features are not one but two feature length commentaries. Both are great. director William Wesley takes credit for making the first Killer scarecrow movie, I guess he never saw Dark Night of the Scarecrow 1981. Besides the commentaries they're are two interviews that are both informative and entertaining. Rounding out the features are original storyboards still gallery and of course a trailer. I`m a big commentary fan so these are the highlight for me and combined with the interviews fans like myself everything you'd ever want to know about this film.

Overall: Fans of this unique film cant go wrong with this. Not only is the picture much better than the previous MGM DVD but its stuffed full of extras.

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