Thursday, March 6, 2014

Film Class from Hell:Underrated Horror/Cult Cinema Part 2 What dirty little treasures you should be watching!

Its time for round two. Get your pens and pencils ready and get to tracking down this movies. Think of this as your cinema 101 FROM HELL!!! And i`ll be your professor of the weird and wild Gorehound Mike to guide you through the under belly of all that films have to offer.

Pin is a medical dummy used by a doctor in a sleepy town. But this film is more akin to Psycho rather then Childs Play. I dont want to give away to much of this film, because its more fun to go in knowing almost nothing about it. I will say this film makes your skin crawl and the end will leave your jaw on the ground.

Made by Roman Polanski in his "apt trilogy i.e The Tenant,Rosemarys Baby) this weird black and white film explores a pretty girl going totally mad. Its style over substance but its very well crafted. See it, you`d be crazy not to.

Celler Dweller
Looking for a cheese filled monster movie by legendary EMPIRE pictures. Well Celler Dweller would suit you nicely. Ok it has its flaws but has a certain charm that makes these kind of films enjoyable, also the gore is awesome. Look for a beheading that is done quiet well. The creature itself is also designed well.

The Honeymoon Killers
A personal favorite of mine. T.H.K follows the rather large and fabulous Martha played by Shirley Stoler and her husband Ray. They have a scheme where Ray marries a lonely woman and steals the money, Martha posses`s as his sister. Problem is when Ray said death do us part ....he meant it. Black comedy at its best. Its also a favorite of Rob Zombie who introduced the film for TCM:Underground. Look for a very young Doris Roberts as "Bunny"

The Sadist
I went into this movie thinking, OK its going to be a trashy little fun film with extra cheese. By the end I realized its actually disturbing nasty little film. Arch Hall Jr. steals the show as the titular sadist and woah hes great and maybe has one of the best crazy eyes ever filmed. This film is brutal, gritty and well acted. I think every cult cinema person should see this. It rants up there with Faster Pussycat Kill Kill.

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage
Remember the time when Dario Argento was making really well crafted horror/murder mystery`s (gallios) Well folks this is his very first feature film and it packs a huge punch. The twists and turns this movie takes you on will keep you hanging on this roller coaster ride with moments of great pulse pounding suspense. Lets have a lot more this and a lot less Giant preying mantises in a horrible Dracula film.....

Shock Corridor
I`ve been a Sam Fuller fan for some time now but only recently (last few years) discovered this little gem. Its about a reporter who goes in a mental institute to discover the identity of a killer inside its walls. This film is very edgy for the time it was made and remains powerful to this day. Its the rain scene though that I recall having a huge effect on me.

This like a few other films on this list has a black comedy streak but for the most part is a serious film. Fans of AHS:Asylum may find the plot similar, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there inspiration was partly this film.

Brian Damage
By Frank Henenlotter this weird wild and highly entertaining film introduces us to Elymer a lovable brain munching parasite that is voiced by none other then Zacherley the cool ghoul!.I cant say enough good things about this film, its horror black comedy and gross out effects that will rot your brain and you`ll love every second of it.

Eating Raoul
Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov are pure brilliant in this black comedy. Desperate to open a restaurant the pair kills swingers for the money. Quirky off beat and funny as hell actors Bartal and Woronov have great chemistry together and really shine in there roles. Look for a gut busting cameo by Ed Begley Jr as a hippie. Filled with whips chains wine and murder this is sure to please even the most jaded of cinema swingers.

Fun fact: The couple reprise there role in CHOPPING MALL.

OK Class is over ...You have your home work...Do watch your step out of the dungeon you might just get a whipping from Doris the Dominatrixs!

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