Friday, March 28, 2014

An Open Letter to A.Cox

Gorehound Mike Presents: An Open Letter: A.Cox or fitting name?
What it means to be a film maker and how to treat fans.
By:Gorehound Mike

To celebrate the milestone of Repo Mans 30th birthday, I thought what a awesome idea to do a cast/crew reunion to be interviewed and share there memories on this cult classic film.  I had a few cast members agree to be apart of this. So of course it was a no brainier i`d want Alex Cox its writer/director to be apart of this special event... Wasting no time I had emailed Mr.Cox and he had agree`d to be interviewed BUT only via email. I felt abit disappointed but never the less I was grateful to have the chance to least get to interview him even if it was just via email. So i labored over good insightful questions but also stuff casual fans/viewers would want to know finally i sent them - and nothing...Month went by, nothing. I sent a gentle reminder and another week later I get a email back saying he never received the document I had sent. Resent. A few weeks go by and finally I get the document back with questions written in. My excitement and happiness was swiftly smashed when reading over his answers...One or two word answers to my well thought out questions. Angry, you bet I was, but I took a deep breath, sent a nice reply asking if he could give me something longer. Waited over a week for a reply. Nothing- I was and am applaud at how thoughtless this film maker was and I would have rather him had the decency to say Sorry but i`m to busy to really focus on this (busy with what I don't know, certainly not making movies) at the moment. I had explained to him that this was to celebrate his film and had attached the banner that Lou Rusconi had done just for the event.
 I thought long and hard, if I should bite the bullet and post the interview anyways, but folks its so embarrassing on his part I`d rather not waste your time on mine dealing with it. But it goes to show you how some people let a little bit of success go to there heads and they lose sight of us the audience that goes to there movies, posts pictures on facebook and keep the magic of the celluloid alive. I`m not here to trash talk Cox because i`m above that. And thankfully this is a rare, i`ve had many wonderful guests on the blog and they`ve all been so kind to give our followers both insightful and candid interviews.

Frankly It didnt mean anything to Alex that a fan of his film (doing it for free might I add) was trying to do something neat to mark its anniversary. Clearly I had both a lot of work and energy into this.

I had asked in the interview if there would be a Repo Man 2. His reply simply. If there's any interest.

Repo Man 2? Why bother, he clearly doesn't care about you the audience.

So that is why I`m dropping the Repo Man Anniversary that was in the works. I do like to thank Sy Richardson for his interview though.
Also a Huge thanks to Lou for again providing balls out awesome artwork, even though Mr.Cox didnt seem to pay it any mind I know I sure did.

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