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Films in the Attic: Sleepaway "Camp" 2 Oh im a Happy Killer!

Films in the Attic: Sleepaway Camp 2

OOOOOOOOOOH i`m a happy camper and you will be too if you give this sequel a chance!

Sleepaway camp came out in 1981 a year after the ground breaking slasher film "Friday the 13th" and while I agree that the film is a classic in the genre it seems that "Sleepaway Camp" was its not as pretty younger and more clever sibling that gets sadly over looked. Though time has been kind to this film and it soon found its way as a cult film in its own rite. As films logic goes, if the first one was successful way not make another, and normally it frankly sucks balls. Yet in the case of Sleepaway Camp I found the sequels to be fun horror filled tit filled romps that while not as good as the first is still entertaining as hell.

It kind of bums me out that Sleepaway camp 2 and 3 gets the brush off.. It seems like three gets an even worst rap then 2. I for one like them both and while they`ll never be "high art" or whatever the hell that means, bottom line in my book if its a fun film that keeps you entertained then its done its job. So pack your bags cause its back to the woods with everyone's favorite Trans gender serial killer!

Sleepaway Camp 2

Year: 1988

Director: Michael A. Simpson

You know folks you gotta love a film that stars Bruce Springsteen's little sister as a transgender psycho that not only can kill a teen but sing a happy song and play the guitar. This is a pure horror guilty pleasure. Kind of like how Texas Chainsaw 2 took the series in a different direction-namely a more funny route. If your looking for a truly scary tense filmed film this is not it. This is more aptly described as a horror comedy which seems to spoof the conventions of the slasher genre. SWC 2 does this in such a clever way it can get away with being more spoof show and less spook show.

Morals and horror seem to be interlocked and the fun thing about Angela as a killer is she unabashedly punishes the immoral sex charged teenagers for there sins.

The idea of kids dressed like Freddy and Jason (which by the way is years before Freddy vs. Jason) to "scare" Angela is priceless. It says that this girl is tougher then either of those icons of horror. She dresses like Leatherface which came before Freddy or Jason, it seems to suggest that shes the original serial psycho.
Another tongue in cheek joke is that the kids are all named after 80s cult star, Molly,Emillo (Renee Estevez is in the film) etc.

What hurts this film the most is the pace. Iit not very long  (80 mins) but suffers from dragging at certain points, including a flashback scene that stops the film dead. And while I understand every camp horror film has scenes of kids being well kids but there's to much of that here which keeps the film from moving forward. There is however plenty of breasts and blood to keep the audience happy. The body count is impressive The gore effects are done by Bill Johnson who is known for Pet Semetary 2 and recently Zombieland. His special effects are gross out and fun. Death in a port a pottie is great with a nice gag factor. While the first ending was a shocker I`m afraid this ending was sadly not as memorible as the first. Its disappointing because so much could have been done to try and top themselves. Its interesting to note that the lovely Felissa Rose was asked to reprise her role and wanted to, but she wisely she choose to go to college. Is this a classic like the first, no but I feel it deserves a chance. Sleepaway Camp 2 might not have the same "goods" the first one has, but its still a fun bloody good tit filled romp that will leave you punning for those days of tents, bug spray and chainsaw wielding transsexuals.

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