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Top Ten: Best 90's Horror film

Top Ten: Best Horror of the 1990s.
Everyone says the 80s was the greatest decade for horror. And while that might be true, the 90s had a lot of great films. Here are my top ten. 
PLEASE Note:  If you Dont see something on the list i`m also working on a Top Ten Most Underrated Horror Films which will be listed on next weeks Top Ten. 

10. Misery (1990)
Kicking off the list and oddly enough the decade is "Misery" based on the best selling book by Stephen King. Kings book is a master work and the film for the most part stays true to the original source material. Director Rob Reiner (Princess Bride, Spinal Tap) pulls all the stops to ratchet up the suspense and even manages to make you feel sorry for the Wilkes character,even if just alittle. Speaking of Anne its hard to think of any other actress playing the role. It also has one the most painful looking acts in mainstream cinema, i`m talking of course about the hobbling scene, which James Conn really sells. A list actors, a director at his peek and amazing source material makes for a perfect tense horror film. Just leave the sledge at home you dirty birdie.

9. The Faculty (1998)
After 1996's Scream proved that the horror genre was anything but dead a slew of horror films were rushed out, some great some not. However "The Faculty" was one the great films to come out of them. School is tough and it seems like the teachers are out to get you. But in The Faculty they really are. Horror and comedy blends perfectly with a healthy dose of science fiction, along with a fresh young cast including Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnet etc.We also have veteran talents like three time Oscar nominator Piper Laurie. Fun hip and scary, a must see. 

8. Interview with the Vampire (1994)
Long before Twilight spawned the vampire craze it was Anne Rice who wrote the book on brooding blood suckers. 1994's big screen adaptation is a sprawling masterpiece for horror and non horror fans alike. In its rich detail and well written screenplay Neil Jordons film is worthy of the written word it was based upon. Its also fun to see Kirsten Dunst in a early screen appearance as a pint sized but deadly vampire. No sparkling bitches here, these vampires bite. 

7. Bram Stokers Dracula (1992)
At the 7th spot is another vampire based on a book. Frances Ford Coppola (The Godfather need I say more?)  directed this wildly entertaining film which for the most part stays truthful to the book. It also deserves a spot on the list for re-surging the interest in Universal Monsters and spawning a couple copy cats (Wolf, Mary Shelleys Frankenstein) While the casting of Reeves as Jonathan Harker was a major what was he thinking, it still has a great script, inventive camera work and some amazing practical effects work. The Dracula bat is pretty bad ass. It remains one of my Must See around Halloween time. Sink you teeth into it. 

6.Candy Man (1992)
Ok,as a child I must admit I too tried the Candy Man in the mirror but I could never make it to three times (give me a break I was 7 when the movie came out) Horror icon Candy Man may have never reached the heights of say Jason or Freddy it remains near and dear to many horror fans. Clive Baker's film is a modern horror fairy tale and his signature blend of poetry and grisly horror makes this film the classic. So if your brave call him...I didn't think so. :)  

5.The Sixth Sense (1999)
Let me take you back, back to a time when a young director M.Night was said to be the next Stephen Spielberg. That was not in the cards though as recent years he had a series of horrible flops. This movie remains his best movie by far. It was also a watershed in pop culture cinema. "I see dead people" is a line that is still quoted to this day. You could see a real craft and eye for cinema not to mention the "twist" that would become Nights signature. I can still remember seeing this is the theater and hearing people scream and jump out of their chairs. Its card to believe the same director of "Lady in the Water" did this modern horror classic. Maybe that was the biggest twist of all?

4.The Blair Witch Project (1999)
Love it or hate it, BWP was a real game changer in horror and deserves a place  in the top five. What I respect most is its a film that relies heavily on the principle of less is more. Never actually seeing the witch was a stroke of pure genius. It was also ground breaking in the way it used the internet to advertise the film, a concept WAY ahead of its time. Remember people this was pre-Facebook, Twitter etc. This one seems to divide fans but its legacy is proof its not just camp. 

3.Scream (1996)
At this point in the 90's the horror genre was going through a difficult period. This all changed after "Scream" changed the face of horror. Lets face it, before the Ghost Face mask became over satirized (and later parodied) it was damn scary. It was also fun in its self aware meta factor that was ahead of its time. Clever in its wit and masterfully directed by Wes Craven this film deserves its status as horror classic.

2.Seven (1995)
While not David Finchers first feature film (Alien 3) it is one of his best. Fincher uses his signature visual style to tell a story that will grip you from first frame to finish.Andrew Kevin Walker pens an amazingly woven psychological thriller that pulls no punches.  Its also helped by its A-list cast including Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. With lots of twists and turns that builds to one of the most exciting endings which has yet to be matched. This film really proves that Fincher is a master film maker. So whats in the box? Whhhhhhats in the boxxxx?!

1. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
The character of Hannibal has become a permanent icon in American culture, and while this was not the first film to feature the flesh eating anti-hero it is the movie that made him world famous. Many quotes have also been a fixture in our lexicon and its been the source of spoofs over the decade. Its hard to add anything new to a film that's been reviewed and studied many many times over,but I couldn't think of a better 90s horror film. I`ll just say that this is a film that deserves every bit of praise it gets and more. Look for cameos from George A.Romeo (Night of the Living Dead etc) and Roger Corman (Legendary King of the B's) Please pass the fava beans...

As always we cant mention everyone so here are films every bit worthy of your time.
Honorable Mentions: The Craft, Sleepwalkers, Psycho IV: The Beginning, The Addition

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