Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Scares that Care: Alfred Guy speaks about this awesome charity.

I`d like to take a break from the normal reviews and interviews to talk about a charity that is really near and dear to me. Scares That Care is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help kids in need. Some of the ways the help include providing needed money, toys and other items. They have  been doing some exciting things to raise money like auctions with some really great signed items and even a convention. They accept donations and I for one was happy to give. Here to talk about it is Alfred Guy the Volunteer Director and member and Board of Directors. 

GM: So for those you don't know what Scares That Care is please tell us about it

AF: Scares That Care! is an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. Our charity was created by our founder, Joe Ripple, to help children and families cope with the financial burdens of during life changing events, such as illness, burns and breast cancer.I should point out the reason why it seems that we are involved with horror related themes. It is because Joe Ripple has been involved with horror conventions and the wonderful fans and guests that frequent them. He wanted those who have a love for all things spooky, to have a charity that they could call their own

GM: You guys do a lot of cool things to raise money, tell us about some of them.

AF:We have several $5 Donation Days each year. We especially like to have them coincide with Halloween, a Friday the 13th or other "spooky" time of the year. We have representatives around the country who get involved by doing everything form bake sales and car washes, to having "Zombie Walks" during events in their cities. We also do silent auctions throughout the year to raise funds for the people we help. Our biggest event is our horror convention, Scares That Care! Weekend.

GM: And there is a convention coming up, the ticket price goes to charity?

AF:Yes. Our total revenue from ticket sales and the auctions and raffles held during the convention will go to Scares That Care! After the convention, the monies will go out to the people we have picked as recipients, and that announcement will go out on our site and (Facebook) pages. We have one recipient for each arm of our charity. Their information can be found on our (Facebook) page.

GM: Who is scheduled to be there?

AF:We have several genre favorites, such as, Kane Hodder, Piper Laurie, Larry Drake, Dee Wallace, Sid Haig and Tiffany Shepis. We will also have a Make Up Wars event with guests form Face Off and an authentic burlesque show for the adults. There will also be several genre authors present, such as Brian Keene and F. Paul Wilson.

GM: In summary what would you like to tell our readers about this great cause?
Yes. First, I hope that everyone who reads this will consider attending our convention this summer. And last, sometimes people want to lend a hand to those who need support - and they don't know how to get started. If anyone out there feels this way, please contact us and we will be glad to help you, help others! Thanks!

And thank you for taking them time to talk about such a great cause! 

http://www.scaresthatcare.org/ Please visit the website and check out how you can help.
http://scaresthatcareweekend.com/ Check out the convention website! Its going to be a awesome time no horror fan should miss. 
Scares that Care logo used with permission

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