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Gorehound Mikes 2012 Break down: The Good the Bad and the Rotten.

Yesterday staff writer Vincent Daemon`s Best of 2012...

 Now its your under lord Gorehound Mike`s Break down of the best of 2012.

Some of these films might have been made earlier but released in 2012 so im going with what was released this year...


Woman in Black
Hammer has made a recent come back with Wake Wood (see my full review) and scored big with me. Needless to say when the trailers for this came out, I was stoked. It did not disappoint. Danial Radcliffe plays a emotionally drained man and his stiff performance actually sells it quite well. He is great as the rest of the cast.  Woman in Black is a film that hearkens back to the Gothic vibes that made Hammer films so much fun.Its an old school spook-fest that will sure to please fans.

Piranha 3DD
This is one film that you get exactly what you expect. No false airs no pretension just good old t&a gore fest. The story line is actually not half bad The cast is great, Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames and a screaming funny cameo by David Hasselhoff playing you guested it himself. So if you like blood, tits and fish monsters then jump on in, there's plenty of female flesh, but mostly in bits and pieces.

The Very best of 2012:

Cabin in the Woods

Wow I, a lot of people were totally blown away by this film. It`s extremely well cast and i`d say the smartest and original horror script in decades. Even though this film is clearly aimed to the die hard horror fan, its broad enough for everyone to dig it. Since so much has been written about this film already i`ll spare you the long dissection but will say if you haven't seen it, please do so. Its already a genre classic.


                          Silent Night

Tis the season to suck!! Yes my exceptions were low but in the sprite of keeping an open mind I gave this a look at. Well this is just as bad as you`d expect and more. Where do I begin with this stocking stuffer of fail. The plot is terribly predictable as is the twist at the end, which when it finally comes I didn't care. We also get the cop cliques as well, like the female lead cop says " I choked alright, I choked its something i`ll have to live with the rest of my life." Yes folks shes going for the Oscar   And don't forget the hard ass Sergeant who doubts the well meaning lower ranking cop. Give me a break. I`ve also seen better acting in porno's. Its a shame McDowell a once well respected actor is doing schlock like this. His character is so annoying I couldn't wait to see his death scene.

I think this film took itself way to seriously with none of the fun of "Silent Night Deadly Night"

I wouldn't give this film to my worst enemy.

The Possession
Sadly this is just another exorcist film. As you can guess this film suffers the same pit falls of Silent Night as its filled with tired cliques.

There are plot holes that are so bad there funny. For example they exorcises the girl in a hospital conveniently a totally empty one. All hell breaks loose and no doctors or nurses are anywhere to be found. And the Jewish aspect of it was handled so badly it boarders on offensive. That is if anyone actually cared. Worst yet some the scary moments come off as funny, and I`ve heard a lot of screams- of laughter in the theater.
The creepiest moments in the film are shown in the trailer so save yourself the time and just watch it and not the full movie- or don't either way you`re good.


Ugh.. this is one awful mess of a film. Writing this is like trying to relive some horrible trauma.
This film suffers from the lack of coherency in its script. I mean the plots all over the place.  Also this has some laughably bad dialog. Ethan Hawke is a typical hammy self, I`m amazed this guy still gets acting jobs. He`s just terrible.

The demon begoul is more funny looking then sinister.
I have to admit the ending was somewhat cool but not nearly enough to save this confused film.

I wouldn't even recommend this as a rental.  Its just BAD...

Wicker Tree
Anyone who knows me, knows Wicker Man (70s version)  is one of my favorite films-ever. So when I heard the long awaited sequel was happening I was very excited. Wicker Tree tries to bring the same eeriness that W.M did but falls so short. While Man is a long creepy build to a brilliant climax Tree is just boring and unimaginative.

Wicker Tree however have something in common with Wicker Man, its hollow with no heart.


Bunny Games
Truly a dangerous film. I think I said it best in my full review "Makes Texas Chainsaw look like Mary Popins" -(come on guys use that quote someday!!) You have to give it credit for being so disturbing with out using any on screen blood or gore.which many filmmakers use as a crutch. Read my full review in the Archives. Its something you really have to see.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

A total must see!!-  I cant say enough great things about this flick. Its alot of fun and if you buy it you wont be disappointed. A full review is in the Archives as well as a interview with the Director.

DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2012- This doesn't necessarily mean i hated the film but just had high hopes that it didn't meet.

First off let me say I`m a fan of Ti West. He`s had far more hits then miss`s and I think many would agree House of the devil was a great film and already a classic of the genre. I thought the concept was strong but was a total let down. I`ve had many people try to tell me what a brilliant film this was.-I didn't hate it but it could have been better.  My full review is in the Archives.


Lords of Salem
Jurassic Park 3D
Evil Dead Remake

As always this is meant for fun- and i`m sure some people wont agree so when leaving comments please be respectful. After all this a blog and one persons opinion.

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