Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp: Oh Lord Save us all!!

Title: Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

Year: 2012

Director: Vito Trabucco

Months back I`ve been dying to see this film, based upon the awesome throw back cover art.  I contacted Vito and he was cool enough to give this blog an interview.

But so many films are trying to re create the grind house films of the seventies and eighties i.e House of the devil and Sleeper. So I was a little worried this might be another film jumping on the retro band wagon. As always when my exceptions are high by the end of the film not the case here.

The Film:

Unlike alot of lower budget films it never tries to get too smart or clever for its own good. It knows what it is and has no shame or apologies. And its just down right sick raunchy wrong on all levels but will leave your sides hurting with laughter.

What also makes this stand out from other independent films is the direction of photography. Vito displays a keen eye for for cinematography and slick editing and set pieces that gives this lower budget film a more polished look.

So lets talk about the blood in bloody bloody bible camp. The FX are extremely well done, and i`ll even say its on the same level as Tom Savini. The head exploding scene is sure to please every gore hound out there. Some other nasty deaths around the corner but i wont spoil them for you. The gore gags and blood fly fast and furious.

The cast is nothing sort of brilliant with genre favorites Reggie Bannister and Tim Sullivan at the helm. Reggie is in top form and gives the materiel his all without going over the top cartoonish. Sullivan plays Sister Mary Chopper and while yes he is outrageous at times it works well with the slashers he`s parodying. But I would be remiss not to mention the supporting cast who is equally good. Matthew Aidan is the stand out as the uber d-bag Tad. He is a greatest hits of every eighties jock dick you`ve seen in films.. His delivers his lines with great comedy timing and also with a good sense of physical comedy. I strongly feel with given the right breaks could be a house hold name. Cult film actor/director David Hayes also makes a enjoyable and funny cameo. If you guys never seen his film "Back woods" I implore you to seek it out.

Ex porn star Ron Jeremy makes a screamingly funny cameo as no less then Jesus Christ himself. What can I say its so random but it works really really well.  I know there is alot of other talents in the cast I did not mention but I feel everyone did a bang up job.

The Bottom Line:  Vito has taken all the fun of seventies and eighties horror slashers and boiled it down into one very enjoyable flick. This is the perfect movie to watch with a group of friends and a keg or two.

As the tag line says Heaven isnt for everyone expect you. Well folks if you like gore, tities, fart jokes, , masturbation jokes and Jesus Christ himself then this film is must certainly for YOU.

This can be found on - Buy this film you wont be disappointed.

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