Saturday, June 2, 2012

Corey Haim Star Project: Help us give a Hollywood Icon his own Star!

Hey Gore hounds! Were departing from cinema weirdness for a good cause.  Corey Haim was an 1980s film icon and starred in such cult classics as The Lost Boys, Silver bullet and many others. Sadly in 2010 Corey passed away. Headed up by Corey's mother Judy this project is to help raise the money for his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Things You Can Do:  

Donate: The link below will show how to make a donation. I know things are tight but even just a ten spot would help, and just think you`d be apart of Hollywood History by helping this happen.

Spread The Word: A huge part of this is getting the word out. Post on Facebook and Twitter and other social medias, if you have a blog, blog about it! Lets make this happen! 

To Help You Out Cut and Paste and Post!

Hey friends! I don't normally do this but their is a project I feel is worth everyone checking out! We`d like to give the late great 80s star his own star on the Walk Of Fame! Yes we want your money but ANY little bit can help! Even a ten spot, he`s given so much joy with his films lets give something back! 

Auction Items: We are going to have a Corey Haim Star Project Auction soon and will need items we can auction off. These items don't have to be Corey related just anything you think would be worth putting int he auction. 

Things were looking for: Film Props,Autographed items, Posters,Figures,Sealed Blu Rays of Corey's movies etc 

Pictures of the items can be sent to  All money made from donated items will go 100% to the Star Project! 

Whats In it for You?: There are certain perks for contributing such as a Sponsor Title and even Photo Recognition at the Star when the star is unveiled. For details visit the website. 

Be a part of Film History and give a Hollywood icon a Star is deserves!

For details and how to Donate go to:
 Corey Haim Star Project

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