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Top Ten: Special Edition:Best Halloween movies...that dont take place on Halloween.

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Best Halloween Movies...that dont take place on Halloween:

Like most horror fans Oct. is my favorite month. The cool weather, the pretty fall leaves and of course lots of horror movies and specials on tv. While I have my old standbys like Halloween (1978) and so bad there good films like "Hack O Lantern" there are some great movies that capture the "spirit" of of the holiday without actually taking place/or about the holiday all the ghouls love the most. Here are 10 films that I make it a point to re-visit throughout the month, unlike the other top ten's this is in no particular order as they are all equally brilliant. 

10: Carnival of Souls (1962)

Filled to the brim with creepy and thick dread. It also inspired the landmark film "Night of the Living Dead" Along with that film and Psycho its the most important horror film of the nineteen sixties. A perfect classic moody horror film to rise your spirits. 

9: House on Haunted Hill (1959) Not to be confused with the terrible remake. The original is an enjoyable spook ride starring the master of horror himself Mr.Vincent Price. Not gory like the new one, but what it lacks in blood it makes up for in sheer fun and intentional tongue in cheek humor. It also features some great supporting actors like Carol Ohmart (Spider Baby) and cult star Elisha Cook Jr (The Big sleep, The Killing, Rosemarys Baby) Fans of classic Price horror will find this a must while carving pumpkins.

8: The Innocents (1963) Loosely based on the play "Turn of the Screws" this film like Carnival of Souls is a wonderfully shot creepy film that builds and builds into a shocking and delightfully bleak ending. The film hits every note just perfectly from the brilliant direction to its screenplay some of which was written by the legendary Truman Capote. As far as moody, well written Gothic films go this is the best-period.. The infamous kiss scene still remains as shocking and chilling as ever.

7: The Haunting (1963) Released in the same year as the Innocents and in my opinion the only film that could hold a candle to it in terms of stark beauty and less is more film making. Based on the novel "The haunting of hill house" this film does so much with simply camera tricks, lighting and sound does that is praised by many horror industry people including effects wizard Tom Savini.  

It is also a early movie to explore lesbianism (though its left ambiguous) Great film and is hailed as a classic and perfect for your Halloween movie thon.

6: The Cabin in the Woods (2012) I love horror and splatter like the next fan, but i like brainnnns behind it and Cabin in the Woods delivers a smart self aware look at the genre that pokes fun of the troupes without getting into full blown parody like "Scary Movie" Choked full of gore gags, and great insider references, its endlessly watchable and a lot of fun around Halloween.

5: Les yeux sans visage aka Eyes Without a Face (1960) The French have always made really interesting films especially in the horror and fantasy genre. Eyes without a Face is a wonderfully dark, strange film that is oddly comical in tone. Like Haunting and Innocents it has a stunning visual style and is way ahead of its time in terms of disturbing themes. If you want to really mix it up and add some international flavor to your viewing this is certainly a master work. 

4: House of the Devil (2009) Ti West seems to really divide some fans. And while I think his work is sometimes hit or miss I do love his break out film House of the Devil. West is obviously a fan of 80s horror and this is his stylish homage to them. Visually its great and has a John Carpenter feel to it. Not very blood but there is a splatter effect that will please any hardcore fan. It also has a wonderful cast of new comers as well as genre favorites. All treats and no tricks with this one. 

3: Tourist Trap (1979) Do dolls, vent figures and mannequins creep you out? Than this film will certain play upon those fears. It even has been praised by Stephen King for its eerie and spookshow quality. It remains a classic in terms of strange set pieces and wonderfully macabre deaths. Look for Tanya Roberts (Charlies Angels, That 70s Show) in a early film role. Simply put its a great shocking thrill ride. 

2: The Conjuring (2013) This film is without a doubt the best horror film I`ve seen in a long time and perfect for any Halloween party or movie thon. Its non stop scares that has all the makings of a future classic. Seen it in the theaters and still watch it every Oct. And...yah i`d skip Annabell the horrible quick cash in.

1: Bride of Frankenstein (1935) How could you dont watch this classic horror film on or around Halloween? Its really hard to add anything to a film that has been written back, reviewed an studied for decades. 

Honorable Mentions: White Zombie, Insidious, Freaks, Munsters Go Home, Alien,The Inn Keepers, Sleep Tight,  

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