Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blood Splattered Blu: Burnt Offerings

Just in time for Halloween comes "Burnt Offerings" a delightful twist on the haunted house horror troupe. If you haven't seen it this post is Spoiler Free however I urge you to get a copy! Its only 12.50 on Amazon (guessing a limited Halloween sale price!) and as you will hear from my review well worth it. Also dont be put off by the PG rating, its incredibly effective in being smart and creepy.

Title: Burnt Offerings

Company: Kino Lorber

Release: 10/6/15

Picture: 1:85:1 Kinos blu is a nice upgrade to the previous MGM DVD. Thankfully the brightness is not over blown and colors are facial are natural looking. Blacks are deep with very little distortion. Kino always does a wonderful job at restoring films and this is no exception. The new print really enhances the dream like feeling that coats the film.

Sound: Mono 2.0: Audio is crisp and actors come across clear. It also really makes the films score really pop.

Special Features: Kino proves that they can hang with the other big Blu companies like "Scream Factory (Shout Factory) Synapse etc, with these frightfully fun extras. Returning from the previous MGM DVD release is the wonderful audio commentary with Dan Curtis and Karen Black. Its almost bitter sweet as now both are sadly no longer with us. Its a great joy to hear Curtis and Black gab about the film and the memories of making it. I`m thrilled they carried it over to the blu.A brand new commentary by Film Historian Richard Harland Smith (Video Watchdog) also accompanies it. Smith obviously knows his stuff and the commentary is jammed packed with juicy trivia and background information. Hes great however my one complaint is he comes off a tad bit dry and it could use some fun personality (David Del Valle me thinks) Sadly most of the stunning cast is departed but the few remaining ones are interviewed. Highlights is Lee Montgomery who plays the Ben. His stories are so entertaining and make for a fun watch. Also interviewed is character actor Anthony James. It was nice they got him however he only touched upon the film briefly. The best interview is famed author (Logans Run) and co-writer William F. Nolan who shares his memories of this film. Rounding out features is a trailer, a trailer from Trailers from Hell and an animated montage of film stills.

Overall: Lovers of this film will be very pleased with this release which looks great and is loaded with interviews commentaries etc. As Halloween releases go this is a must own. I know i`m happy to have this in my blu collection. And as stated above Amazon has it for a price that wont scare you.

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