Saturday, May 23, 2015

Blood Splattered Blu: Latest Blu Ray Review: Vampyros Lesbos by Joe Mazzella

Film: Vampyros Lesbos
Director: Jess Franco
Company of Release: Severin

Written by: Joe Mazzella

Well after long last we have the long awaited blu-ray release of Jess Franco's female vampire classic Vampyros Lesbos (aka Les Vampiras)  an absolutely stunning film with the extremely sexy Soledad Miranda as the vampire vixen ,all of Soledad Miranda's scenes are both sensual and haunting as she is the reason to enjoy this great work.  

Plot: Our story concerns Linda (played by Ewa Stromberg ) who travels to see the vampire at her home that she inherited from Dracula himself and while there falls under the unstoppable spell of Soledad. Linda is eventually turned into a crazed victim in need of her new love but ends up in an insane asylum as her doctor (Dennis Price from Horror Hospital) tries to figure out if her tale about a vampire is true and how can he contact her so he to can cross to the. Other realm. Not to give so much away we do have a highly erotic and bloody film with great love scenes and an amazing cast that also includes Paul Mueller as Linda's psychiatrist and also Jess Franco himself as the hotel clerk with a secret passion for torture murder and bloodletting . I highly recommend this Jess Franco film .  
Picture: As for the transfer it is crisp sharp and amazing. It is in German language with English subtitles and the music score is truly amazing . 

Extras: The special features are also excellent :A featurette about Soledad Miranda with Soledads  historian Amy Brown is very informative and entertaining covering her entire career. There's also Vampyros Jesus-An interview with Jess Franco. Also a very good feature covering a lot of background on Soledad and the film.  There's also a German trailer and an alternate German opening title sequence which I enjoyed .  
All in all its was amazing viewing and I definitely recommend seeking it out.    Enjoy!

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