Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Help Bunny Game actress Rodleen Getsic

The very taleted actress of "Bunny Game" Needs your HELP!

We are asking for your help right now for Rodleen's medical equipment, assisted care, and for the doctor bills that are coming up.

Rodleen was a professional artist, actress, musician, and producer. On March 8, 2010 Rodleen had an accident at Real Food Daily in West Hollywood. She slipped on a mat and landed on the back of her head. She sustained a traumatic brain injury, and injury to her upper spine and brainstem. Because of her severe symptoms, Rodleen has difficulty with mobility, body, and brain function, with balance, walking, and doing normal activities. She is in severe chronic disabling pain centered from her brainstem. This tragic event has changed Rodleen's life forever. She is disabled and unable to work. Her injury has been worsening over time. Rodleen is lucky because she has so much faith and strength in spirit. We are proud of her because against all odds, she remains positive. We are confident we will be led to answers toward her healing.

Already, since injury, she owes more than $50,000 in doctor bills. We expect the law suit to settle in Rodleen's favor, in order to pay for the ongoing care Rodleen is needing. Rodleen's lawyers recently dropped her case, so she is seeking new representation. Please contact us with any law firm or law expert referrals.

For now, we ask your help in paying for medical equipment, assisted care, and for the doctor bills coming up. Rodleen is seeing more specialist neurologists, and she will be getting further testing with the help of your donation.



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