Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hey fans! I`m back and i`ll be blogging regularly now.

From Second Sight comes the Basket Case Trilogy Steelbox!!

I`m here to tell you guys this set rocks!! Heres the Breakdown of the set.

For the first time ever all three films are together in one place package. Speaking of nice packages-brand new artwork graces the cover by famed UK artist Graham Humphreys.

DISCS 1 Basket Case part 1

The first Basket Case was blown up for its original release to look like 35mm. For the set its presented in its original aspect ratio and even a wonderful new high def treatment. The blood and gore never looked so good!

SPECIAL FEATURES: The gem on this disc is the feature length documentary "Whats in the Basket" produced just for this set. Its a very well produced with lively interviews from the survivors of the series. Not only does it take a look at the first film but goes in depth with the other two films and hmmm maybe a part four? You`ll have to see to find out! This only makes this set worth the money!

Also Exclusive to this set is a Mini doc. on artist Graham Humphreys.

All other features are carried over from the Something Weird release, Intro, Auto commentary Finding Hotel Broslin Trailers etc.

Discs 2,3

First time on Blu Ray both Basket Case 2 and 3 have never looked better. Taken from there original 35mm prints Second sight has masterfully transferred both prints to high def. The blacks are deep with no grain or scratches. The Sound is also well done because you need to hear those screams on your surround sound!

Bottom Line: This is a great collection to have in your collection. Worried you cant play it on your player...FEAR NOT- Its region 0 so it`ll play on any blu ray. So Americans can enjoy this set as well...

Pick up your copy at
thanks to second sight for sending over a copy!!! u guys rock!

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