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Halloween Series: The Best and the Worst Hosted by Michael Myers!!

Hello fiends I havent posted a new blog in alittle while so I thought i`d do something different and creative.Michael Myers dropped by and after he got done stabbing everyone he agreed (or rather nodded) to host this segment.             

Halloween: Best Entries:

Halloween (1978)

Of course the original is always the best. 

Halloween 2
A very strong sequel, it reveals some very important mythos to the legend of Michael Myers, like Laurie being his sister. The blood is amped up ten fold as the original has very little actual on screen blood. Some sexy nude nurses also make this enjoyable. Cleverly some Halloween season myths also turn up like the boy who got the apple with a razor in it. Creepy and adds to a sense that this is more then just a night of fun harmless tricks.  I think the mask is possible the best of the series.

Halloween 3
I went back and forth on this one, but bottom line I gotta respect the attempt to do something different, and come on, you know you`ve had the "Halloween song" stuck in your head. Yes it doesn't have Myers in it, which left a sore taste in die hard fans mouths 

Halloween 4
Do to the back lash by fans, Myers is back and so is the lovable Doctor Loomis who is yet again tracking down his former patient. Danielle Harris breaths new life and adds something to the series. Some great creepy scenes and a shocker ending makes this a treat not a trick. 

Halloween 6
What I love and also hate about this film is trying to explain the root of Myers quest to kill. On the one hand is takes away the mystery of the character. Yet I cant help like the fact that something totally different was tried. It brought back the seasonal dark holiday theme and it nicely connects to parts 4 and 5. People seem to hate on this film but it shows the attempt to expand the legend of Michael Myers and make him more then just a mindless killer with a knife. Is it perfect no but I like its boldness and worth a look at.

Halloween Remake
Bring on the hate mail!!! Yes I did enjoy this one. Zombie shows Michael as more of a human monster then the shapeless supernatural boogeyman. Love it or hate it, it takes some balls to attempt to remake such a milestone in horror film history, pissed off fans seem to forget that its just a different take on the original. You gotta love his cast. Hated to see Dee go. Do I think this is a great film, no but I liked it enough to re watch it. 

The return of Jamie Lee Curtis. This is a total love letter to the die hard fans. It ignores the other entries after 2 and focus`s on how Laurie has been dealing with (or not rather) with her haunted past. A few plot holes are afoot, such as Myers has been gone for 20 years but where has he been hiding? A great young talent cast makes this a entertaining and worth revising. A fitting tribute to everyone's favorite masked boogeyman.

Halloween Worst Entries:

Halloween 5
Sloppy and poorly written and to top it all off they killed a beloved character Rachel.Seemed that unlike part four, the director seems to care very little about the mythos or adding anything new, just a simple blood bath and tit fest. No risks seem to be taken here and the end result is a very dull film. 

Halloween 8
Honestly I think it would have been fitting to end Laurie's saga with H20. I mean she finally fought back and killed her brother, its over. But in Hollywood monsters only die if box office is poor. Just bad plain and simple.

Halloween II
I was with Zombie throughout his film career but this one was bad, I think he went little too wild with the story and while I like the idea of trying to go little art house/different It just doesnt  mesh well. Sorry Zombie, I love your work but I have to say this was a mis step. 

So hope you guys enjoyed my Halloween round up. Please keep your comments civil as this is just purely my opinion and meant to be fun. My picture of michael myers is something I made, if you want to use it just ask my permission, thats all I ask. all i ask is give me credit for it.  

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