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Sick Thoughts: No good features on Blu Ray for horror films...

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Topic: Lack luster Blu Ray features on Horror films.

Its not doubt that DVD`s were a huge leap forward for film fans. The thing that made DVD`s so much fun were the extras. In 2006 HD disc known as Blu Ray came out and knocked HD DVD out of the water. I just a few years ago finally drug myself into the 21 cent. and upgraded. I have to admit I was impressed with the clarity of both audio and picture. Sorely though many company's as with DVD feel the need to give us the same bare bone shit they as DVD`s. Either there no bonus features or the recycle the same stuff from the DVD. Why spend the extra money if your going to carry over the same extras. 

Double Dipping: For you out there who does not know the turn, double dipping means re-buying the same film simply for a bonus feature. I use to be the king of double dipping but got sick of it. So I would hold off buying a DVD or in this case BR to avoid this. I held off buying Beetlejuice for years until the re-release yet to fans dismay no commentaries or interviews just a crappy trailer and a few episodes of the cartoon which sadly did not hold up for me as an adult.  Universal Classic Monster collection is coming up the pike and surprise surprise its the same extras as the DVD`s and even worse yet is unlike the Legacy Collection there is no addition films that were included. That means no unsung gems like Creature Walks Among us or Werewolves of London wont be along for the ride. Bright side is these classic films will be cleaned up and look great, and for the first time ever Creature from the Black Lagoon is presented in 3d as it was intended. 

Missing in Action: Ok I understood that BR is still new and you cant expect everything to just magically appear. But there are some films that leave me wondering what they are waiting for?  Suspria has yet to get a American release as does the films of John Waters. Peter Jackson`s early work like Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles has yet to see the light of day. And Dead Alive while is on BR has no extras what so ever... Maybe a nice uncut version of this is due. 

Friday the 13th 1 and 3 are out but where are the others? They are out on DVD, its odd that only these two titles have made its way on BR. Maybe they are working on a totally awesome SE which restores all the gory scenes. Part seven was butchered by the MPAA it would be nice to see it the way it was intended. One can only hope. 

Hope Around the Corner: There is hope yet, in the form of "Scream Factory" a division of 'Shout Factory" which has some very exciting Blu Ray titles in the works such as Halloween 2 and 3, Terror Train and Funhouse all with no features and new cover art. If thats not enough to get you excited you get a mini poster of the artwork used on the cover with pre order from the website. MGM is re releasing its cult films such as Killer Klowns from outerspace and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. No word yet as to any new extras but I`m guessing they will simply just recycle what was on DVD. Blue Underground seems to have always had its pulse on what die hard fans want.

In closing: Maybe its nit picking but if you have such a great medium as Blu Ray we should try to not be lazy and recycle the same extras. We need more companies like Shout Factory and Blue Underground that understands what the fans want. Bigger labels maybe try to pass off stuff by tacking on Deluxe Edition or Collectors Edition but true fans can see through this bullshit.  Were not buying the same tired stuff your selling.

What do you the readers think? What releases do you most want to see? 

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