Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday the 13th Part IV 5 Reasons why fans should give it another look.

You have the good, you have the bad then you have the ugly and in the world of Jason Voorhees F13 part VII seems to be lumped into one of the less loved of the series. Its a real shame what the MPAA did to this film, butchering mostly all of the gore. Hopefully someday will see a totally uncut version. 

BUT... As I feel that Part 6 is maybe the best in the series, I do feel VII is strong enough to stand its own grounds.

Here are My Five Reasons why this film deserves another look at.

5:  Actual Story:  While us fans love a mindless gore soaked romp, its nice to have a actual story line. You know with characters that have back stories. I think what people bag on this film is the Carrie like plot line but I give them props for trying to do something different.

4:  Jason`s Look: Very seldom do you see Jason not wearing his mask, but towards the ends fans are treated to one nasty rotten Jason. The effects on him are probably some of the best in the series.

3:  Acting: Friday VI has some of the better acting of the series and as mentioned above it helps when you have a decent script to work with. Now I`m not saying that anyone in this deserves the Oscar but I do think its above par.

2: Kane Hodder: This marks Kane Hodders first time to don the iconic hockey mask. Kane would go on to play the character of Jason more then anyone else and this film is what started it all.

1:Death By Sleeping Bag: Maybe one of the best Jason kills, Jason (Kane Hodder) takes his victim and gives him one swift whack to a tree. It was so popular it was repeated in Jason X. This scene was cut and runs much longer, Jason whacks her five times in all.

So Friday the 13th VII may not be the best of the series, it certainly is not the worst and fans should dig in there Friday box sets and dig these one up for some late night viewing!

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