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Films in the Attic: SPECIAL EDITION: Psychos In Love: WITH Director Retrospective EXCLUSIVE!!!

Greetings Gorehounds! I was stuck up in the attic and found a oldie but a goodie!! Is that love a smell in the air or a rotting corpses?

This weeks Films in the Attic is a very near and dear film to my black heart. Growing up in a small town, it was a treat to go to our local video rental. (for our young readers this was pre-netflick and redbox) I ran right back to my favorite section, you guessed it Romance, KIDDING -:"Horror"
The shelves were lined up with lurid covers with the promises of all kinds of fun splatter, and creepy delights. "Psychos in Love" was one of the cover art that really stuck with me and I was already "in love" This was a early splatter movie that really made an impact and I understood that going off the big Hollywood big budget grid was a good thing.While the film has gained a much deserved new life on DVD It still needs a wider audience and as I`ve said before If I can do one thing with this blog its to help other fans discover there next favorite movie.

Fear not the dvd is out there and Netflix also carries it to rent!! Netflix i`ll expect my check in the mail. Seriously!

Psychos In Love
Director: Gorman Bechard

The Plot: Joe is just your average strip joint owner and well butchers young women. Kate is just a regular girl and manicurist and shes slaughters men. While killing is there true passion in life, alas they are lonely.Kate strolls into Joe`s club and instead of killing each other they fall in love. Not only do they both have a blood lust  they both hate grapes! But as they settle into there new life together a Cannibal plumber may have the happy murdering couple on the menu.

The Review:  Grapes, I hate grapes! Such is the proclaimed by our murder happy couple. This movie is gross, sleazy and hilarious just a lot of fun to watch.  Come on you gotta love a movie that has its own theme song! The film uses a really interesting style, with documentary interviews with the characters. Its used in a really cool way and helps make this stand out. It obviously has flaws but pointing them out is kind of pointless, I mean its low budget but they filmmakers are having so much fun with it that we just go along for the ride. I read some reviews were they picked this film apart and I`m like why? Its not posing to be any more then what it is, a bloody sleazy t and a romp that proudly jams its tongue in its cheek. The end is also fun, breaking the forth wall. I think this movie was way ahead of its time as far as self referencing and playing with the horror genre. Its refreshing to know that alot of the actors as well as the director still works in the film business. This is a fun film that is easy to fall in love with. Just don't offer me you know (GRAPES!)

EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL Psychos In Love Retrospective!! Interview with Director Gorman Bechard
Its been over 25 years since the film came out and were still in love with this bloody fun flick! 

GH: It seems like you and the cast and crew had a lot of fun making the film, any on set practical jokes?

GB: No practical jokes actually, but we did have a blast. A lot of it had to do with us being all friends, and
how we kept pushing the silliness of the material. I so remember the scene where Carmine is putting the
poison in the glass of champagne, and I’m off to the side telling him to keep going, more, more. It still
cracks me up to this day.

GH: I read this was shot in your apartment what was that like?

GB: Actually my father’s house. And the biggest problem became the rug, which had to be steam
cleaned 3 times to get all the fake blood out.

GH: Do you hate grapes?

GB: How can you even ask me that? You don’t like them, do you? What your address?

GH: Do you remember the reviews for Psychos in Love when it came out?

GB: Two stood out. One idiot reviewed who commented that I was using a fake name as director. He
must have thought the “gore” part of “Gorman” made it sound unreal. It is my real legal birth name.
And at a press screening at the old Bleecker Street Cinema a reviewer from the New York Times threw
up in her gym bag. I so wanted to use the take line: “The reviewers have thrown up, now it’s your

GH: Did you keep any mementos from Psychos?

GB: I have the fake hand and fingers that Herman ate. And some of the fake knives. The rest we buried
under my father’s house.

GH: When I was young I remember vividly the cover art for this film, who did the artwork and any idea
where that piece of art work is now?

GB: That would have been Empire pictures. I actually never liked it to be honest.

GH: After years of waiting Psychos finally made it on DVD, was it hard to get this to happen? When’s the
blu ray out?

GB: They came to us actually. Did a nice job on the release. Lot of great extras. But no, there will never
be a bluray. Sort of no reason for one.

GH: What are you currently doing these days?

My Replacements documentary COLOR ME OBSESSED is playing the festival/indie cinema circuit. It’ll be
out on DVD in September. My next film, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?, which is an Archers of Loaf concert film will premiere in June. And we’re in various stages of production on two other documentaries:
PIZZA, A LOVE STORY, about the three world-famous pizza joints in New Haven; and ECERY EVERYTHING,
THE MUSIC, LIFE & TIMES OF GRANT HART, about the infamous drummer from Husker Du. Plus we have two narrative films we’re working on: BROKEN SIDE OF TIME, which is a dark road trip; and ONE NIGHT STAND, my return to horror.

GH: Finally do you still enjoy watching Psychos in Love after all these years?

The last time I saw it at a fest a few years ago, yes, absolutely. It’s still a really funny film!

For more information on the films of Gorman Bechard please go to:


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